McDonald's Happy MealWe’re willing to bet that “literacy” doesn’t top the list of words you associate with McDonald’s Happy Meals. In the UK, however, the connection between books and burgers no longer seems quite so far-fetched.

After the success of a trial period last year during which McDonald’s gave nine million books by Michael Morpurgo to kids via their Happy Meals, the chain is now committed to a new, long-term campaign that seeks to hand out at least 15 million fiction and non-fiction books to British families by the end of 2014.

The new campaign, backed by the National Literacy Trust, kicked off this week with a promotion that will include a non-fiction, nature-themed book from DKs “Amazing World” series with every kids’ meal over the next five weeks.

In addition to working with multiple publishers on different promotions over the next two years, McDonald’s promises to “lend its family-friendly restaurant environment and its focus on family fun to encouraging parents and children to enjoy books together”.

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