The animated Eminem from Lipton Brisk's Super Bowl ad.

Going into the Super Bowl, we kept an eye out to see if social media tie-ins would play a prominent role in this Sunday’s ads. While discussion of the ads was high (the #brandbowl hashtag was up-to-the-minute), the clips themselves made little reference to the social media components attached to these pricey spots.

On one level, that’s not what these ads are for. The anticipation builds around how clever the ads will be, how the brand is presented, and whether something new will be added to the pantheon of Super Bowl advertising. And ad buyers acknowledged that YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks are important since so many ads were released wholly or in-part in the lead-up to the game.

But social media activity became most important once the ads ran and viewers took to Twitter to fire off their opinions of what they just saw.

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