You really can’t make this dumb crap up.

OK! Magazine‘s East Coast editor and frequent reality TV commentator Shauna Bass had a sick (and very cute) Pomeranian named Simba that sadly died of its illnesses. Bass spent tons of money at the vet in ultimately vain attempts to save little Simba.

Bass’ sister set up a memorial fund to compensate Bass for the cost of the vet bills, which is actually not really in the charitable spirit of what a memorial fund is intended to do. The Simba Bass Memorial Fund is designed to “help Shauna focus on healing after this tragedy.” Bloody hell.

So far, the fund has raised more than $5,000, a chunk of it from PRs who could very well be pitching her stories. Gawker has a list of some of those charitable PR souls.

We asked the PRSA for their ethical take on this situation. A response from the chair and CEO Gerard Corbett, after the jump.

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