Yelp, whose mission is “To connect people with great local businesses,” has been growing fast as of late. “Yelp has nearly doubled its U.S. audience, while incumbent CitySearch has remained flat,” reported TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld earlier this month. PRNewser spoke recently with Yelp Public Relations Manager, East, Chantelle Karl.

Karl handles Yelp PR for markets including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, D.C., Atlanta, Miami and Detroit. Additionally, she oversees communications for recently opened Canada and UK markets. We spoke with Karl about how social media fits into her work (“The first thing I do in the morning is log into Tweetdeck to monitor any chatter…”), how the PR team deals with sometimes controversial issues around its crowd sourced reviews (“…any company can always be doing a better job of education.”) and why the company chooses to keep all PR in-house (“The advantage is that we’re all focused singularly on Yelp…”). Click continued for the full interview.

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