Piers Morgan at 'NotW' around 1995. Photo: Terry O'Neill / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Piers Morgan‘s appearance on Conan last night where he took a few digs at Paul McCartney’s ex Heather Mills (and accused her of phone hacking!) belies the issues the CNN host faces as a result of his association with News Corp.

Gawker has already found Morgan guilty of some epic parsing in a statement about the Mills/McCartney hacking issue. Morgan has denied any hacking activities, but The Daily Beast is certain there will be an official inquiry in the UK of some sort. A statement from MP John Whittingdale backs that up.

He may be the host of cheeseball TV show  America’s Got Talent (“talent” being used loosely here) but he’s also a top personality at CNN. The network is sticking with him so far, but things can change.

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