They don’t call her Queen B for nothing. And she is a benevolent monarch.

Beyonce showed up at a Massachusetts Walmart this past Friday. And after tossing a doll in her shopping cart for Blue Ivy, she announced that she would pay for the first $50 of everyone’s purchase in the store, a total of $37,500.

Well, actually, if you watch the clip, it kind of unfolds a bit like a political campaign video doesn’t it. Complete with her hugging a baby.

As she says in her prepared notes, Beyonce is in Walmart because her new album just arrived. So after generating massive buzz by surprising the world with the album, releasing it with no notice on iTunes at midnight on December 13, she stars in a viral video where she’s just giving away stuff to cheering fans. And if you stick around through the end, you get shots of her name repeated over and over again across the front of her CDs.

Like I said, they don’t call her Queen B for nothing.
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