While some may relish in ravenously dismembering chocolate bunnies every Easter, there are those of us who feel guilty biting off their sweet little ears. Now, toymaker Mattel has decided to cash in on that too-cute-to-eat-guilt by encouraging shoppers to help stop the senseless annihilation of countless chocolate bunnies. How? By filling kids’ baskets with Mattel brand toys instead of candy, of course! While it may seem like a lighthearted, fluffy (no pun intended) campaign, Save the Bunny is actually as multifaceted as it is adorable.

The official Save the Bunny website urges visitors to “Help us take a bite out of chocolate bunny extinction. Give toys for Easter. Fill your child’s basket with surprises that inspire hours of creative, sugar-free play.” See what they did there? By buying toys, you can not only alleviate the guilt of encouraging your kids to murder defenseless chocolate bunnies, but also the guilt of encouraging them to stuff their little faces with unhealthy, super-sweet treats–all while inspiring creativity and active play. In a world of video games and unhealthy foods, these are siren songs to parents.

And if that weren’t enough, there’s also a sweepstakes–and a charity.

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