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Judy Smith Advising Sony Over Decision To Drop The Interview

judy smithTMZ says it has learned that Judy Smith, the crisis expert who inspired Olivia Pope on Scandalis advising Sony on how to handle the criticism it has received over pulling The Interview.

“Our sources tell us Smith has been especially helpful to Sony because of her deep contacts with the government, and she has been involved on both the D.C. and Hollywood fronts,” the site says.

The story goes on to say that Smith and her firm, Smith & Company, has been helping with the messaging, “that this is not just a Sony issue but an industry issue,” and the idea that this is an industry issue, not just a Sony issue.

“We’re told the ultimate mission is to somehow contain the PR fallout and navigate a way forward,” the site says.

That task is not made easier by today’s #ObamaPresser.

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Scandal Winter Finale: Secrets Are Revealed, Shots Are Fired, Wine Is Spilled

popevspopeAre you ready? You’ll never be ready. We weren’t ready.

Last night was the winter finale for Scandal (and How To Get Away With Murder, if you’re into that), and they left us with quite the cliffhanger. Most notably, we’ve got Papa Pope on the loose. Snipers are looking for him. Jake is on the hunt. And Olivia has joined in, enlisting Mama Pope to help. Remember, she’s been locked up in a hole for the past few episodes, at the very hands of Rowan himself.

When she’s faced with Liv, Mama (Maya? I’m terrible with names) thinks her daughter has come to her rescue.

“Tell them Livvy. Handle them,” says Mama Pope. After all, she’s been locked up without being charged. But Liv has got a few crimes in mind: ”Murder, terrorism, treason,” says Liv. “Charge her and lock her up. As for my father. Find him and kill him.”

Well all righty then!

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Scandal Recap: Who Will Have Their Chance to Stand in the Sun?

Last night’s episode opened where we left off: caught in the middle of a juicy love triangle between Jake (Capt. Ballard if you’re nasty… that means you Fitz), the president and Olivia in the secret prison bunker. Jake wants Fitz to shut up, wants to kill Rowan and wants to talk to his “girlfriend,” that last one mostly so he can rub Fitz’s face in the fact that they were on the island together. He even shares their little catchphrase: “Standing in the sun.” So romantical.

Ultimately, they’re really on the same side versus Papa Pope, so they decide it’s best to put some of this drama aside. At least for the time being.

“No hard feelings?” asks Fitz.

“No hard feelings,” replies Jake.

There are definitely hard feelings.

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Scandal Recap: Abby Confronts Her Awful Ex and Liv Confronts Her Deadly Dad

“Really?” That’s Liv’s first word on last night’s episode. Turns out Fitz is calling her every night. He’s living on hope. She’s still worried about how Jake is being treated in prison.

This episode has Liv working her magic on a lot of people, including the voters of Virginia who have to choose a new senator after the old one was caught, literally, with his pants down.

We also get a glimpse of Abby’s ex-husband, the man who used to violently attack her and is now up for a seat in government. And what’s an episode without Papa Pope being Papa Pope. Let’s jump right in.

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Scandal Recap: Liv Solves A Decades-Old Presidential Assassination Case Using Twitter

A big focus for this week’s episode of Scandal was on her actual PR work, so yay! That’s interesting.

Unfortunately, she got duped into believing that her crazy ass client was wrongfully convicted of shooting a former president. Merp.

But hey, we got a mini-lesson in using Twitter to make stuff happen. Also, how about Huck actually smiling?! Read more

UNC Chancellor Gets Probed in NCAA Crisis

Wainstein-Ken-UNCThis better be a book people at the University of North Carolina should read

Although whistleblowing isn’t an actual class on campus, former standout shooting guard Rashad McCants seems to be an ace student at doing it because he has tried not once — but twice — to throw his entire alma mater of University of North Carolina under the NCAA bus.

Earlier this summer, McCants decided to blow that whistle about tutors writing his homework and only going to class “half of the time” at UNC. Although his claims raised a small cloud of dust at UNC, the story didn’t gain that much momentum. Last week, McCants blew the whistle again.

And did those Pavlovian dogs in the media ever drool this time.

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Scandal Recap: Someone Got a Free Pass to the Eiffel Tower?

We opened up last night’s episode of Scandal with Jake walking towards his car. His B613 sense tells him something’s fishy and when he takes a look at the wet ground under his car, he sees what it is: a flashing red light. He presses the security button for his car and BOOM! Of course, cool guys don’t look at explosions, so when we catch up with Jake, he’s arriving late to Olivia’s house for date. The excuse: ”car trouble.”

Because this is Scandal we’re talking about, she doesn’t actually stay for the date. Her phone rings and off she goes.

Ultimately, everything that happens this episode goes back to the fact that everyone is still dealing with the death of the President’s son at the end of last season. Well, maybe not Cyrus, but everyone else.

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On the Menu for This Week’s Scandal: Death Threats, Pork Roast & 76-Year-Old Scotch

Let’s start with the worst move of the night: Cyrus did the deed with sex worker and Portia di Rossi operative Michael. (I promise, I’ll learn Portia Di Rossi’s character’s name next week.)

First, Cyrus runs into him while he’s at a restaurant waiting for some business school friends. (He’s using his prostitution earnings to pay tuition.) Then he calls Cyrus at work and they have a flirty convo. Then they end up at a bar.

“You’re thirsty, but you don’t want a drink,” says Michael.

“I don’t pay for sex,” says Cyrus.

“You wouldn’t be paying for sex. You’d be paying for privacy,” replies Michael.

Next thing you know, Cyrus is in a hotel room handing over a $2,500 stack plus gratuities for services and Portia Di Rossi is smiling over a plot well laid. (Ha!)

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Scandal Thursday: The SOTU, Booty Calls in Room 207 and the War of the Elliots

When we left off last week, we had a Senator in the hospital and another who said she put him there for being a letch. That story line was put on hold this week so we could meet the Elliots, who take domestic discord to brand new heights.

Lisa Elliot, or the “Angel of Mesa” as she’s also known, is a national hero who is in a wheelchair after being hit in the spine during a mass school shooting. Her husband, James Elliot, is a military vet who was tortured by the Taliban. Together, America loves them. Behind the scenes they want to kill each other.

President Fitz wants them sitting in the gallery as he delivers the State of the Union address, which will focus on gun control. Press Sec Abby is pulling out her beautiful red hair because she needs b-roll of heroes in love to make this a successful SOTU. What’s a White House in tumult to do? Sounds like a case for Olivia Pope. #ItsHandled

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Scandal’s Back! Olivia Pope/Julia Baker Ditches The Bathing Suit for Her White Suit

Where in the world is Olivia Pope?

That’s the question we were left with at the end of last season. And we find out in the opening moments of the season premiere: On a secluded beach 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar making out with his sublime hotness, the five-o’-clock-shadowed Jake Ballard. In between all the sassiness, she’s reading Gone Girl (product placement) and indulging in bottles of rare wine. Only now she’s Julia Baker, a clever play on the name of Diahann Carroll’s character in Julia, the last TV show to have an African-American woman in the lead role.

Spoilers ahead!

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