On Monday morning, as I was preparing for my usual online workout routine, I pressed “play” on a video I have used several times knowing that I would have time to finish my tea while the pre-video ad played through. As I sipped the last of my tea, I half-noticed that I hadn’t seen this particular Slim-Fast spot before. I was mid-way through rolling my eyes at the obvious placement of a diet drink ad before an exercise video when I heard the words: “reverse cowgirl with the lights on.”

Whoa, what?

Unsure whether I had heard correctly, I started to pay closer attention. Sure enough, the monologue continued, “Just once when I’m twisted up like a Russian gymnast, I’d like to actually look like a Russian gymnast.” The words that display on the screen at the end of the ad say, simply, “Get What You Really Want. Slim-Fast.”

What you really want, this ad assumes, is to look good naked:

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