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Mexico Isn’t Buying Coca-Cola’s ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ Spin, Either

It’s not just Michael Bloomberg, guys—our neighbor to the south doesn’t seem fazed by Coke‘s latest “soda can be part of a healthy, active lifestyle” message either.

As Coca-Cola looks to offset diminishing American sales by targeting other areas, public advocacy organizations within Mexico are running PSA campaigns designed to warn the public about the dangers of soda consumption. It’s especially relevant this summer: Mexico, which is second to the U.S. in soda consumption per capita, surpassed us in June to become the most obese of the world’s major economies.

See a pattern developing here?

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‘Mellow’ Marley Drink Leads to Middle School ‘Zombiefest’

Marley's Mellow Mood Drink It’s not just energy drinks, guys: A group of New Jersey schoolchildren started feeling a little too chill after consuming a few cans of Marley’s Mellow Mood, a beverage whose promoters call it “the anti-energy drink”. And where did they find this illicit substance with its “soothing style, natural ingredients and great taste”? In their middle school cafeteria, of course!

The blame for this completely unforgivable crime against humanity alternately rests with the company that stocks the cafeteria, the individuals who agreed to include the product on the school cafeteria list, and the students who decided to drink several cans of the “100% natural relaxation beverage” before reporting to the school nurse with symptoms of “nausea, headaches, light-headiness, and a feeling of lethargy.” One kid went so far as to call it “a zombiefest.”

All this from a lightly carbonated grape soda with the same ingredients as Celestial Seasonings’ SleepyTime tea? Hmm…

Parents are understandably outraged at the school for selling a drink whose label reads “…may cause drowsiness. Best enjoyed when you are ready to relax.  Do not mix with alcohol.  Not intended for children”, but we’re more interested in this product’s unique pitch. We’ve never come across a soda that claims to “reduce stress and relieve tension, while calming the soul and easing the mind”, and we have to say we’re shocked to learn that Marley’s Mellow Mood contains valerian root, lemon balm, passion flower, hops and chamomile–but no THC.

Now we feel like taking a nap, so we guess we’d have to call the promo campaign successful…

Coke and Pepsi Get Real with Calorie Counts

As PR professionals, we know that transparency is an important attribute for any marketing campaign or brand image. Embracing reality is a wise strategy–even if it means being candid with details that the public may find ugly, undesirable or disturbing.

A lack of transparency breeds doubt, suspicion and distrust. The public won’t remain loyal to any brand that greets challenges with obfuscation or employs evasive tactics when dealing with customers. Venerable soda brands Coke and Pepsi seem to understand these points, and they are now taking a big public relations step by offering calorie counts on vending machines that stock their beverages.

In the midst of a much-publicized obesity epidemic, Americans are prone to place blame–and hopefully reverse the circumstances that got us into this peculiar situation. This means the public is taking a closer look at what they put into their bodies and taking more responsibility for their dietary habits. In order to do this the public needs information to make educated decisions, and calories counts are a sensible place to start. Read more