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Does Apple Need to Share More About Its Succession Plans?

Photo: AP

Apple just reported outstanding earnings but there’s still the news that Steve Jobs will be taking another medical leave, with COO Timothy Cook taking charge in his absence. Cook was in charge when Jobs took a medical leave in 2009. (He had a liver transplant that year.) Jobs has not specified when he’ll be back this time.

The question of succession is now on everyone’s minds. The company is notorious for getting information about Jobs’ health out after the fact, so this time it is being a little more forthcoming.

Still, in a short video posted after the jump, Wall Street Journal news editor Joanne Lublin says that, “From the board’s perspective, as long as they tell shareholders they have a succession plan, they don’t have to tell you what it is.” SEC rules are on their side.

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Verizon Presser Doesn’t Astound, But Was A Success

Photo: European Pressphoto Agency

So in case you’re already buried under a foot of snow and haven’t heard, Verizon held a big press conference today to announce that it will be selling the iPhone starting February 10 (advanced sales on February 3 for existing Verizon customers).

Marni Walden, CMO of Verizon Wireless, told the Wall Street Journal that “the marketing campaign will be ‘a substantial effort’.”

“She declined, though, to comment on the specific amount and added that the marketing also would ride on the built-in buzz around the product,” the story continues.

AT&T is already talking smack.

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College Student Sends Mixed Message About Apple from Windows Phone 7 Launch

A college student who got into an angry back-and-forth with Steve Jobs ended up going to the Windows Phone 7 launch this week after she “just happened” to win a contest with eight fellow students, CNET reports.

Last month, Long Island University journalism student Chelsea Kate Isaacs contacted the Apple PR department as part of her reporting for a school project. She didn’t hear back from anyone in PR, but somehow ended up getting on Jobs’ bad side. He asked her via e-mail to “please leave us alone.”

Now Isaacs is meeting with Microsoft execs and learning about the company’s products at the phone launch. Microsoft maintains the e-mail tiff had nothing to do with Isaacs’ win.

While at the event Isaacs, pledged objectivity while also saying she wouldn’t buy anything from Apple.

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Friday Fun: CollegeHumor Remakes iPhone “Antennagate” Press Conference

Warning: This video is not necessarily safe for work. However, it is pretty funny. Watch as the team at CollegeHumor gives their take on Steve Jobs and his recent press conference to address the iPhone 4 antenna issue.

Press (Mostly) Not Impressed With Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference

Apple held their much anticipated press conference to address iPhone 4 antenna issues this past Friday, which featured Steve Jobs himself.

PR consultant and author Shel Holtz called the press conference, “a lesson in how not to handle a crisis.”

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian was not impressed with how the company has handled things overall, but said that the Apple brand is in a much better position than others, when it comes to weathering a crisis.

Jobs made a few moves that many in the media and PR world are questioning. First, he attacked Apple competitors, some of which have already shot back.

Second, Jobs and Apple tried their best to deny there was a problem, and even at the press conference tried to minimize it. However, they offered a solution (free bumpers) to a problem they tried to pretend didn’t exist. Of course, this leaves many wondering that if the problem is so minimal, why their issuing a solution in the first place.

The company may have scored some points when they invited 11 reporters to tour their wireless testing labs after the press conference.

Did you watch the press conference on Friday and ruminate about it all weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Apple To Hold Press Conference To Address iPhone 4 Issues

iphone 4.jpg

A few days after some tech PR executives told us that Apple “needs to address” a Consumer Reports report that did not recommend the iPhone 4 due to antenna issues, the company has said it will hold a press conference tomorrow, July 16th.

Apple rarely holds press conferences, besides those that are tied to the launches of its products and services. The press conference will be held at the company’s Cuptertino, CA headquarters at 10 A.M. Pacific time, but company spokespeople gave little details to the media besides that.

Some are continuing to ask if Apple will announce a recall of the phone. Regardless, announcing a press conference, as opposed to just posting a statement by Steve Jobs, as the company has done in the past, shows the seriousness of the issue.

Apple PR Responds to ‘Fake’ Steve Jobs Emails


We’re guessing it would surprise most PRNewser readers if we told you that Apple CEO Steve Jobs took time out of his day to respond to an unknown blogger about issues he was having with the iPhone 4.

“You are getting all worked up over a few days of rumors. Calm down,” Jobs “said” to the blogger in one of the emails sent last week. However, Apple PR is denying the emails came from Jobs himself.

Also, it should be noted that the blog that published the emails paid for them, and after publishing them admitted to one of them being not from Jobs himself.

Whether the emails are real or fake, it looks like the tactic, “I have an email from Steve Jobs himself,” is becoming quite a popular way to stir up attention. Also, getting Apple PR to respond to anything is quite an accomplishment in itself.

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Steve Jobs Speaks! To Walt Mossberg And No One Else, Thank You

We’ve been talking with many digital PR executives this week, about how the Apple company mantra of secrecy and anti-transparency goes against so much of what we hear from the likes of digital communicaitons agencies, publications such as Mashable, companies such as Zappos and the latest Edelman Trust Barometer which said, “trust and transparency are as important to corporate reputation as the quality of products and services.”

And yet the company seems to suffer no consequences.

Flatiron Communications founder Peter Himler wonders the same in a post today.

As one VP of digital at a large agency told us this week, “Their formula: Steve Jobs, big events with new products, a few coordinated press leaks, works for them. Not every brand can do that.”

PRNewser was intrigued this morning when we saw what seemed like an impromptu video interview between Steve Jobs and The Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg at the iPad launch event. (Video posted above – skip to 2:50 for the Jobs interview.)

While the interview did seem “impromptu,” as with most interviews with someone of Jobs’ stature, it was highly coordinated.

Reuters gives a first hand account of the scene:

Most of the people gathered around Jobs and Mossberg were not fellow reporters hunting for a quote, but a squad of no-nonsense, plain-clothed Apple staffers who had formed a human cordon around their leader. The only other person allowed within the safe zone was Mossberg, and any reporters who attempted to get near were physically blocked and pushed back.

Conversations with Apple staff about the iPad itself proved equally trying, with the mere act of getting a company spokesperson to confirm or clarify a fact feeling like an exercise in the theatre of the absurd.

“How do I spell your name?” this reporter asked an Apple staffer following a short conversation to confirm certain basic features of the iPad.

“That’s not available for you,” the staffer replied, in an eerily robotic tone.

So there you have it.

Will Google Phone News Overshadow CES?


For all you PR professionals – especially those in the consumer tech space – who are taking this week off and gearing up for the behemoth Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas beginning January 7th, be warned: next week is Google’s week, or so the company hopes.

Google has a press conference planned for January 5th and rumors are swirling the event will be for the launch of its Nexus One phone, the first phone it will sell directly to consumers.

“Google’s announcement will likely kick off a crowded week for the technology industry and could perhaps overshadow any news to emerge from CES later in the week,” says CNET’s Tom Krazit.

Adds John Paczkowski of AllThingsD, “By scheduling the event just before the official start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 7 (and hours before the first CES press briefings begin), the company would seem to be taking a page from the Steve Jobs‘s playbook – sucking some air out of the annual event. Remember, Apple (AAPL) upstaged CES in a very big way back in 2007 when it announced the iPhone.”