Stephen Baker‘s career as a journalist has taken him around the world, from Mexico and Venezuela to Paris, and began with The Black River Tribune, a local newspaper in Ludlow, VT.

Baker is a speaker at our upcoming Mediabisto Circus conference, and PRNewser caught up with him this week to discuss his panel at Circus, the marketing ramifications of data presented in his recently released book, “The Numerati,” before of course getting into some PR related topics.

Your panel at Mediabistro Circus is titled, “Relevance and Influence: Can Data Bring You Closer to Your Audience?” with the descriptor of, “where we’re headed with data, and how it is impacting marketing, advertising, and the media business as a whole.” Without giving away too much from the discussion – what are some of these impacts?

I would say that there are two big areas that I barely brushed on in the book that are going to be enormous area of opportunities for marketers.

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