Iran’s space program is kind of like North Korea’s search for mythical horse-like creatures: Officials say it’s moving along, and you don’t really believe them, but you’re still a little concerned because what if unicorns are real? How much of the world have we all been missing?

Today we’d like to offer some advice to all despotic, murderous dictators: If you want to be the news, you need to get the news right the first time.

Iran’s oppressive Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (think “I’m a dinner jacket”) regime managed to score a bit of media attention last week by proclaiming that it had launched a monkey into space. This was a major event for a country with very few friends that desperately wants to demonstrate its own power to the rest of the world. Over the weekend, the administration’s PR wing triumphantly announced the safe return of said monkey to Earth.

Welcome to the 20th century, Iran!

But wait: the Times of London observes that the two photos provided by Iran’s media relations people most definitely do not depict the same monkey. The little fella on the right has a mole that really gives it away, but come on.

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