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Here’s Your New Favorite NSFW Book Trailer

We’d never heard of F**k: An Irreverent History of the F-Word before we saw this promo clip, but we’ve just placed it on our list of “10,000 Books We Might Feel Guilty For Not Reading.”

We can think of a few acronyms they missed, but everyone loves hearing British people curse, so here goes:

What we’re saying is that we support the concept of book trailers 100%. Got a gimmick? Go for it, because EMFPK* that it’s damn hard to get an audience’s attention.

There’s a second clip too, but as the copy block says:

“For more information and history, buy the f**king book.”

*(That’s “Every Motherf*cking Publicist Knows”, and H/T to Meg McAllister on this one)

Colbert’s Twitter Bot Mocks Fox PR ‘Socks’

Last week, a staff writer on The Colbert Report created a Twitter feed automated to turn others’ messages into tweets celebrating Fox News with the hashtag #PraiseFOX by replacing words with the names of Fox shows and hosts.

It’s a satirical play on Fox PR’s “sockpuppet” habit and BuzzFeed’s @horse_ebooks, and while WaPo‘s Erik Wemple is kind of right to say “the explanation is a doozy“, you’ll get it:

Maybe we’re just easy to impress because we’re not programmers, but there’s a new tweet every two minutes and some of the backhanded compliments are gold:

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Catholic Church Plans to Turn ‘Bishop Bling’ Mansion Into Soup Kitchen

germany_bishop_limburg_184368475_620x350Last week we spent a couple of hours counting the ways in which Pope Francis is a PR genius, but now he seems to have outdone himself—or at least inspired Catholic Church officials in Limburg, Germany to follow his example.

Francis made headlines last week for temporarily suspending Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst, aka “The Bishop of Bling”, for embarrassing the Church worldwide by spending a reported $26 million to renovate his official residence. We’re not sure who thought it would be a good idea for bishops to live in mansions, especially those with $20,000 bathtubs, but now the Limburg organization wants to go a step further by forcing the Bishop out of his fancy house and turning it into a soup kitchen/homeless shelter.

There’s no official word on these plans yet, but a spokesperson for advocacy organization Caritas Internationalis (which is itself part of the Church) has apparently discussed the matter, saying:

“The residence is like an inherited sin which the bishop has left in his wake. People who seek sanctuary with us could be given food in the residence.”

Speaking as “typically ill-informed” members of the mainstream media, we see this as another step in the right direction. Also: the house looks cool but we think he may have overpaid a bit on that renovation—and the red just screams “please audit me!”

(Photo of protesters via Getty)

Louis C.K. Shows Us How to Make a Banner Ad That Actually Works

What’s the one thing that PR, marketing and advertising have in common? We all know that banner ads are here to stay despite the fact that they are the ugliest, most annoying, least effective wastes of money ever created in all of history.

Not so, says Louis C.K., whose banner recently appeared on the Vulture blog:


That’s the first ad we’ve ever wanted to voluntarily click, because our first thoughts on seeing it were “Does he have a new standup special?” and “Where might I download this special, if it does indeed exist?”

There’s probably a larger conversation to be had here about strategy, but just look at the dude’s face! Don’t you want to give him five bucks even though he’s totally rich now and his FX show is kind of depressing?

(H/T to Pop Culture Brain, which first featured the scoop a few days ago.)

10 Reasons Why Pope Francis Is the Patron Saint of PR

Hate to break it to you, Saint Bernardino of Siena, but Pope Francis is the real patron saint of communications (if not “compulsive gambling” and “respiratory problems”).

Why, you ask? He’s only been Pope for a few months, and he’s already well into the project he’s prepared for his whole life: rebranding the Catholic Church for the 21st century.

The guy is, quite simply, a PR genius. Let’s review 10 reasons why.

1. He named himself after St. Francis of Assisi

He’s the first Pope Francis, and St. Francis was basically the original hippie. Raised rich, he chose to become a beggar, eschew all earthly possessions and live a solitary life communing with nature and straight up talking to animals like a scruffy Dr. Doolittle. You can’t get any more humble or anti-materialist than this dude.

What we’re saying is that the name alone sends a very strong message.


2. He auctioned off his Harley Davidson for charity

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Amy Poehler Explains Why Charity Work Is So Awesome

The coolest fact we learned this week: working to support a cause isn’t just “good for your ego”—it also “makes your ass smaller.”

At least that’s what Amy Poehler told the audience at Variety‘s 5th annual Power of Women event earlier this month when explaining why she loves working with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. SPOILER: there will be tears.

Our favorite Upright Citizens Brigade alumnus salutes the ”beautiful, bossy, right-amount-of-crazy” ladies in the audience after explaining that she devotes herself to charity work because she wants ”…to be around people who dream…and do things.

If you’re not at least slightly moved by this speech then we don’t really know what to tell you.

Poehler also held an “Emmy losers party” with Donald “Jon Hamm” Draper last month to benefit the WWO. Those interested in the group might want to check out November’s 9th annual gala hosted by Seth Meyers, who will be the fourth best “Weekend Update” host in the room if Poehler,  Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon show up. (There’s a reason he won’t be hosting the Golden Globes for the next two years.)

PR Job Listing Seeks Drunk, Depressed Criminal ‘Hell-Raiser’


(Not a selfie.)

This morning the PR Examples blog made us aware of the latest in the Snarky Job Listings game, and it’s a keeper. Here are some of the qualities that British firm Just In Time PR demands of its next senior account manager (“whatever that is”):

  • He/she should be on anti-depressants, because “People who need drugs to keep them going are generally the most interesting”
  • He/she must be funny because, in the words of director Dominic Hiatt, “In 30 years’ time I’ll be as dead as the stars so I need to get my laughs in now”
  • He/she doesn’t have to be a gutter drunk, per se, but it would help if he/she is “only ever one drink away from oblivion”
  • He/she “will have spent at least one night in a police cell”, because how else can a manager relate to the public?
  • He/she will say whatever the hell is on his/her mind in the office, because “Moderation and a sense of perspective are not tolerated”

Some commentors see this listing as a way to win “cheap publicity” from various local tabloids, but based on Hiatt’s comments about receiving “emails and calls left, right and centre” after one tweet and one Facebook post, it seems to be working more effectively than those dull “traditional adverts.”

In conclusion, we say: only the British could get away with this.

D.C. Firm Empowers You to ‘Drunk Dial Congress’

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.52.52 AM

It’s all over, folks—the week has been won. Here’s how the brilliant “Drunk Dial Congress” campaign works:

  • Step 1: Enter your phone number
  • Step 2: Receive a call from a service narrated by a drunk guy who’s in the mood to give all those schlubs in Washington a piece of his mind
  • Step 3: Have your call automatically routed to the office of a random member of the House of Representatives
  • Step 4: Yell something at the poor sap who answers these idiots’ phones about one of the handy talking points provided on the campaign page (complete with links!)
  • Step 5: Realize how little power you have in our “minority rule” democracy, curl into a ball on the floor and drink some more while watching QVC at full volume

We’d never heard of Revolution Messaging until about five minutes ago, but now we know they’re a D.C. firm that works to promote left-leaning non-profits and somehow still has…a sense of humor!

Hat. Tipped.

This Might Be the Best ‘Drink Responsibly’ Campaign Ever

Alcohol abuse and drunk driving are no laughing matter, and we know this on a personal level. But what’s the most effective way to address such a big public health problem: fear or humor?

Growing up in South Cackalacky in the early 90′s, we saw lots of PSAs with the tagline “South Carolina’s Roads Can be Highways or Dieways. The Choice Is Yours.” They were intense and frightening, they won a bunch of ad and PR awards, and they were funded with public money. But there’s some debate as to how effective they were, because how can you really measure such a thing?

Anyway, we prefer the approach taken by New Zealand’s Steinlager beer. This ad tells us “Don’t get really drunk, because you’ll end up looking as stupid as these guys”:

The title is “Be the artist, not the canvas”, and the brand sums it up as such:

As much as we want to encourage these budding artists, we’d rather there were no canvases for them to draw on. Take it easy out there if you are going to have a few drinks.

The clip makes its point with a bit of humor, and it won’t scare you into wetting yourself even if you had a couple of beers before watching. Should more PSAs follow this model?

Catholic Charity Won’t Accept Chicago Heavy Metal Restaurant’s Unholy Money

Looks devilish.A Chicago Catholic charity has refused to accept a peace offering from an area restaurant. Why? Seems they take issue with a burger that makes light of all they (literally) hold sacred. Oh, and it’s all in the name of heavy metal.

The owners of Chi-town meatery Kuma’s Corner love them some Swedish death metal, and they named their latest burger “The Ghost” because “The Opeth” and “The Meshuggah” didn’t sound so tasty (their menu also features sandwiches dedicated to Metallica and Pantera, because they’re old school like that). We love this promotion, but it seems that some took offense at the fact that the burger’s list of ingredients included both the body (communion wafer garnish) and blood (red wine reduction) of Christ.

The story somehow went viral, offended people flooded the restaurant’s pages, and the guys at Kuma’s decided to minimize the dumb controversy with a $1,500 donation to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. But the group wasn’t having it.

Here’s Kuma’s explanation on Facebook:

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