New Year’s is a time for revelry, reflection, and making resolutions, both personal and work-related. PsychCentral blog says about forty to forty-five percent of American adults make at least one New Year’s resolution., America’s official Web portal, lists the most popular categories of New Year’s resolutions. Among the top ten, though not in rank order, are getting a better job, a better education, volunteering, money management, eating healthier, stopping bad habits, managing stress, getting fit, recycling, and taking a trip.

While many people set their sights high, far fewer follow through on their lofty plans. The Psychology Today blog cites research that shows after six months fewer than half the resolvers  have kept their New Year’s commitments and after a year less than ten percent have done so. According to the experts, one of the keys to achieving one’s New Year’s goals is sharing them with family and friends. New social platforms may help provide the answer to reaching your New Year’s resolutions in the coming 12 months.

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