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Welcome to the mediabistro salary survey report. From December 7, 2004 to March 4, 2005, mediabistro hosted a salary poll on our website asking readers to submit their salary data for a wide variety of media-related jobs. The survey—our first ever—is part of our ongoing efforts to keep you apprised of what's happening in the industry and to provide you with the data you need to make informed career decisions.

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The original survey questions can be found here. We received more than 15,000 responses, which have been grouped according to industry and region.

Who participated
Of the respondents, 12,560 identified themselves as full-time staffers and 3,179 identified themselves as freelancers. Industries represented include advertising, public relations, print publications (magazines, newspapers, books) and broadcast (tv, radio and film.)

The salary survey was conducted via a 13-question online poll. The questionnaire asked respondents to categorize their jobs by region, industry and job title. Respondents were asked to report base salary numbers and bonuses if applicable. A full description of the poll methodology can be found here.

Looking ahead
This year's salary survey generated a tremendous response and we look forward to improving it next year. Along those lines, our next major salary survey will be conducted in installments, focusing in specific areas of the media industry in order to better target areas where responses were low or incomplete.

We also appreciate feedback regarding this year's survey and welcome additional suggestions about how we can make the next one better and more useful for you. Please send us your feedback.

Note: All salary survey reports are free to view until June 11, 2005, after which they will be archived and accessible only to AvantGuild members. Login is required to view some report details.