Host: Nick O'Neill

Meet the founder of Social Times, Inc.

Nick O'NeillNick O'Neill is the Founder of Social Times, Inc., a digital media company focused on covering the growing social web economy. He is the the social media industry expert, providing no holds bar commentary and insightful analysis on social networking and social media. Nick also speaks at conferences nationwide and has been written about in multiple national publications. With the opening of the Facebook platform, Nick saw a huge opportunity and has become fully dedicated to covering the social networking phenomenon via eventually expanding beyond with

In 2009, Nick successfully led Social Times Inc. to an acquisition by WebMediaBrands Inc. Nick continues to serve as the Director of Social Times and oversees daily content production as well as hosting events around the country. Nick graduated Cum Laude from American University in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Finance. While Nick spends a lot of time writing content for sites, he is a passionate coder, building tools to help readers track the rapid growth of the social networking space. Nick was also recently named one of the top 100 D.C. Tech Titans by Washingtonian Magazine.