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Mediabistro hosts conferences, panel discussions, and parties nationwide (see all events) to help media professionals understand new ideas and make connections. Our sponsors play a vital role in educating our audience of influencers about new products and services. We thank them!

Offerpal Media

Offerpal Media is the first "Managed Offer Platform" for social networks and applications, online games, virtual worlds and mobile developers. The company's turnkey platform allows publishers to monetize their traffic through targeted and relevant advertising offers, generating publisher revenues at a network-wide average of $75 per day for every 1,000 Daily Active Users. Advertisers can tap into Offerpal Media's expansive network to reach more than 50 million highly engaged and targeted consumers. Based in Fremont, CA, and backed by top-tier venture capital firms, Offerpal Media features an experienced management team with deep roots in online advertising, personalization, and optimization technologies. http://www.offerpalmedia.com.


PlaySpan™ is the global leader in monetization solutions for over 1,000 online games, virtual worlds, and social networks. PlaySpan's patent-pending in-game digital goods commerce and micropayment platform enables game publishers and developers to generate new revenue, acquire users, and extend the loyalty of existing users. PlaySpan’s UltimatePay™ combines PayByCash’s 12 years of payment services experience with Spare Change’s social network payment platform expertise to deliver an optimized payment solution with over 85 international payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and the Ultimate Game Card. UltimatePoints™, the world’s leading universal currency enables in game, one-click payments. For more information, visit: http://corp.playspan.com



3DVIA is Dassault Systèmes' brand for lifelike 3D product experiences. 3DVIA enables everyone to create, share, and experience in 3D. 3DVIA delivers authoring products that revolutionize 3D product publishing and platforms for developing interactive, real-time applications, with open web services-based architecture, enabling high-performance distribution of interactive 3D content. http://www.3dvia.com/sds2010



AdParlor helps application developers monetize their social media traffic through banner advertising and by leveraging our virtual currency monetization platform. Additionally, we help grow applications by driving millions of quality users to social media apps. http://www.adparlor.com/



Nanigans offers a performance-based social ad optimization service for apps and other destination sites. Leveraging intelligent targeting and optimization technology, Nanigans helps its partners find the right micro-audiences and best performing creative in order to maximize return on ad spend. Nanigans delivers users on a cost-per-install basis as well as a cost-per-action basis, and the target action can be a downstream monetization or virality event. www.nanigans.com


Rackspace Hosting is the world’s leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry. The San Antonio-based company provides Fanatical Support® to its customers, across a portfolio of IT services, including Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing. For more information, visit www.rackspace.com.

Real Gifts


rockyou - As Facebook, MySpace and other major social networks blossomed into top-tier internet destinations, brands clamored to become a part of the conversation beyond banner ads. RockYou, one of the fastest growing tech companies ever, identified this need and extended its highly viral and visible application portfolio to house a unique social application-based advertising network. No one else offers cross-platform video distribution, custom application integration, innovative targeting, and advanced analytics and response tools like we do. And with 130+ million unique users per month and rising, our reach is unparalleled. Whatever the platform, whatever the vertical, RockYou Ads is there. http://www.rockyou.com


Social Gold
™ is an industry-leading virtual goods monetization platform operated by Jambool, Inc. that enables developers to launch a white-labeled virtual currency, provide an unparalleled payments experience to end-users, and optimize their virtual economy using robust analytics. The Social Gold platform streamlines the purchasing experience and drives conversion. http://www.getsocialgold.com

socialVideobytes - Monetize your social applications with high CPM video advertising. socialVideobytes offers top branded video advertisers through our integrated video player. Sign-up and receive your code today to earn high CPMs. Engage your users with quality advertising and start receiving high monthly payments. Visit www.socialvideobytes.com.


Sometrics helps publishers monetize free-to-play games, social applications, casual games and virtual worlds through virtual currency with the industry’s most advanced offer platform and payment manager. Game publishers gain a new revenue source that enhances existing payment methods and increases conversions among paying users. Sometrics has a global inventory of offers ranging from surveys, trials, videos, shopping and more, working with many top publishers in the gaming space. http://www.sometrics.com

Super Rewards

Super Rewards - How long has Super Rewards been around? Super Rewards is a KITNMedia company. We have been in the CPA and performance marketing space since 1998. We are on a first name basis with the owners of most major networks. We’ve seen it all over the years and know the nuances of the industry. Super Rewards was established in the summer of 2007 shortly after the Facebook platform launched. It was an in house tool at first and was officially launched to developers in December of 2007. Shortly after launch we experienced explosive growth and have quickly become the largest CPA network on Facebook, Myspace and beyond. In July 2009, Super Rewards was acquired by Adknowledge, the largest independently-owned ad network. http://www.srpoints.com/



Vdopia is the largest Video Ad Network and Video Ad Platform that targets Indians across the world. Provides advertisers opportunity to advertise on the most premium online video content available on the internet. The company's proprietary BrandConnect Ad technology combines advantages of TV, Internet unprecedented value to large brand advertisers and publishers, allowing Vdopia to deliver industry leading CPMs. Vdopia is the first video ad network that has managed to monetize online video content effectively, resulting in massive growth in online video across all Indian websites. http://www.vdopia.com/

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