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Latest Research Reports:

Google+ Games: Analysis and Opportunities

Games integrated into Google's new social network represent a potential alternative development platform to Facebook, but many questions about its viability remain. While Google+ has enjoyed strong growth since launch, it will probably need to reach 35 million U.S. users to gain traction.

To assess Google+'s game development opportunities, SocialTimes Pro interviewed a number of experts and insiders involved with or closely following Google+ and social gaming. Additionally, we conducted an informal, anonymous survey of game developers, primarily gathered from industry members in the author's social media circles. While not scientific, we believe the results provide instructive insight into how many in the game industry now perceive their future with Google+. read more

The Group Buying Guide: How Consumers Really Feel About Daily Deals

From Groupon and LivingSocial, to Deals from Facebook, Yelp and Amazon, group buying services have captured the interest of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Wall Street bankers and even Madison Avenue agency creatives. There's tons of buzz, but what's less clear is how consumers really feel about the deluge of daily deal emails they receive.

SocialTimes Pro set out to understand the pros and cons of these daily deal services from the consumer perspective. Which deals are most appealing? What are the factors that make people want to share a deal with friends, and are there demographic differences that marketers should keep in mind when considering whether to add a daily deal to a client's marketing mix? read more

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Wagner James AuWagner James Au covers virtual worlds and goods for SocialTimes and his blog New World Notes. He is a former contributing editor at GigaOm, author of The Making of Second Life, and was most recently the head writer for City of Eternals, a next-gen social MMO. Au has contributed expert commentary on gaming for outlets including CNN, the BBC, NPR, G4 TV, the Associated Press, Harvard Business Review, and Wired Online. He has spoken on the subject for SXSW, O'Reilly's Web 2.0, and ETech. His writing has appeared in publications including Wired, Salon, the Los Angeles Times, and Harpers.

Tameka KeeTameka Kee has been covering the digital media industry with a focus on advertising, social media, and video games for the past four years. As a reporter for paidContent, she covered the business of digital entertainment and gaming, and broke news on companies like Electronic Arts, Playfish, Netflix, and Facebook. Prior to that, she covered social media and search marketing for Mediapost. Kee is listed by many media, publishing, and advertising execs as a source of news on social media and digital advertising. Twitter: @GeekyChic

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