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Mediabistro Circus: Creating a Global Phenomenon with Tim Ferriss

Tim shares his secrets of using analytics, social media, and other tools to create a best-selling book and global movement.

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Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. The Power of Data (13:13) 13:13 FREE!
    Tim begins by introducing himself and his book, The 4-Hour Work Week, which was rejected by 4 agents and 26 publishers, then went on to be a multiple best-seller without any offline PR or advertising. He explains how he made this happen, beginning with a Google AdWords campaign. Data is king, he explains. He constantly tests and tweaks his approach, using sites including,, and other tools.
  3. The Ideas Matter (14:39) 14:39 FREE!
    Tim explains how he took online promotion of his book into his own hands, focusing on the advice of other best-selling authors by putting his efforts into blogs. His first goal: to have 20,000 early evangelists in the first 3 weeks. Tim goes on to explain that he wasted a huge chunk of his budget on a poor-performing PR firm, a lesson learned, then tells the audience the two best ways to promote a book without spending lots of money. His strategy: Phenomenize, Polarize and Communitize. People don't care about your product, they care about the ideas behind it. Tim explains how this idea helped his book succeed.
  4. Start Small, and Test Often (13:04) 13:04 FREE!
    Tim describes some of the tools he uses to streamline his use of social media and organization tools, including, Twitter, Evernote, Slinkset and others. He goes through some of his experiments with video and photos, and explains how he uses Flickr photos with Creative Commons agreements to create multimedia content. Driving traffic with sites like StumbleUpon can help sustain an audience over time. How does Tim use and deal with comments? He outlines his policies and strategies. Finally, Tim summarizes his talk: plan big, but test your assumptions. With blogging, start with a niche, then broaden over time.
  5. Questions and Answers (17:03) 17:03 FREE!
    Tim takes on audience questions. Any advice for someone who wants to learn about social media? How do you store, manage, and track all of the data you gather? Having thrived in the traditional book publishing mode, what changes would you like to see happen in the publishing world? What are your predictions? Where's the quantifiable info on how social media is working and growing? Can you talk about how you monetize your activities? Tim answers these, and more.

Video Details

Why did Wired magazine nominate Tim Ferriss the “greatest self-promoter of all-time,” and why did AdvertisingAge pick The 4-Hour Workweek as one of their top 50 product launches, making Tim the only author included? Find out how he leveraged social media and blogging to hit #1 on the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek bestseller lists simultaneously, without offline PR or advertising.  From selling in 31 languages to turning memes into movements, Tim covers material he has never presented in public before.


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