Tim Pulice
Professional/Personal Overview
  Focused and self-reliant writer, editor, and project/content manager with considerable expertise in Web publishing, social media, online research, quality control, brand identity, public relations, and SEO. Known for persistence in solving problems, knack for beating deadlines, and ease at leading teams, while dedicated to learning new business skills and taking on fresh challenges.
Contact Info
  Tim Pulice
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Tel: 734-259-9144  
E-Mail: tim@timpulice.com
Website: http://www.timpulice.com/
mediabistro.com Questions

What book is on your nightstand right now?
Annals of the Former World, by John McPhee.

What's the best job you've ever had?
My recent contract assignment as an Online Marketing Specialist at The Henry Ford, "America's Greatest History Attraction." I worked with a staff of creative professionals who, like me, constantly seek new ways in which to challenge themselves.

What's your idea of a perfect Monday morning?
Good coffee, light traffic, and an Inbox filled with prospective assignments.

Describe your dream assignment
Writer/editor for a travel guide series such as Lonely Planet.

What's the hardest work project you've ever tackled?
Moving my wife's entire photography business to a new location in just three days.

What's your idea of a perfect Saturday night?
Having dinner with my wife and daughter in Florence, Italy, with Il Duomo in view.

In ten years, I want to be:
Managing editor of a Web publication focused on business/tech/arts & entertainment.


Who are your all-time favorite interviewees?
Dolly Parton and Yo-Yo Ma -- warm, honest, funny, informative. Each a true delight.

If you had to move to another city, what destination would be your first choice?

Boston. Beautiful region of the country, rich with tradition, brimming with fantastic restaurants, terrific public transportation. Oh, yeah, and Fenway Park.

You've traveled to Europe five times; what's next?

Well...Europe. Destination: Spain or Greece. After that, Australia or South America.

Work Samples
Press Releases  
(PRWeb, 4/16/2008)
Press release that spotlights the "'Arresting Site or Blog of the Month" feature in the Michigan-focused blog, The Pulice Report.
Email Newsletters  
(The Henry Ford, 9/17/2010)
Dedicated e-Blast sent to promote a range of fall season and Halloween-specific items available in the online store at The Henry Ford. As a temporary on-site contractor, my role was to procure assets, secure approvals, edit copy, and perform final QA.
(The Henry Ford, 9/17/2010)
September 2010 edition of this e-mail newsletter, which highlighted for subscribers a first-time event: Local Roots Oktoberfest Dinner. As a temporary on-site contractor, my role was to procure assets, advise on design, edit copy, secure approvals, and perform final QA.
(The Henry Ford, 9/2/2010)
Monthly e-mail newsletter of The Henry Ford -- "America's Greatest History Attraction" -- in Dearborn, Michigan. As a temporary on-site contractor, my role included procuring assets, securing approvals, editing copy, and conducting final QA.
(The Henry Ford, 8/24/2010)
E-mail sent to subscribers of newsletters from The Henry Ford. As a temporary on-site contractor, my role was to procure assets, ftp assets to outside vendor for creation of online piece, secure approvals, and perform final QA.
Web Articles/Reviews/Columns  
(Masco Corporation, 7/5/2012)
Original, non-bylined article that describes the ongoing impact of Masco Corporation's intersnhip program, which draws heavily on students from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.
(Examiner.com, 7/2/2012)
Story focused on University of Michigan gymnast Sam Mikulak, who made the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team, despite suffering from a sprained ankle at the Olympic Trials. Of the 969 articles found in a Google search about Mikulak, this one has remained on the search engine's first page results.
(Examiner.com, 6/7/2012)
Piece that spotlights the high marks C.S. Mott Children's Hospital received in the latest annual rankings from U.S. News & World Report.
(Examiner.com, 5/12/2012)
Examiner.com article about a new University of Michigan initiative that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration.
(Examiner.com, 3/27/2012)
News story that highlights the University of Michigan's involvement with the 50th Ann Arbor Film Festival, which ran March 27-April 1, 2012.
(Examiner.com, 3/21/2012)
Quick-hitter news story on the transfer of three University of Michigan basketball players.
(Masco Corporation, 3/7/2012)
Original, non-bylined article published to the news stream of Masco.com and designed to entice readers to click through to a YouTube video centered on the production of cabinets for this key Masco Corporation brand.
(Masco Corporation, 12/14/2011)
Original, non-bylined article that spotlights designer Patricia Urquiola, a member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame and the creator of an eponymous bathroom collection for Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe SE.
(Examiner.com, 10/8/2010)
Spotlight on the many events happening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, cited as the birthplace of this government agency "devoted to world peace and friendship."
(Examiner.com, 9/1/2010)
Article for the Detroit edition of this content website that details the announcement from the Big Ten Conference on the divisional alignments that will go into effect, beginning with the 2011 football season.
(Ann Arbor Film Festival, 3/28/2010)
Online review of "The Kids Are Alright," a program designed for children and which ran during the 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival in 2010. Piece featured individual descriptions/reviews of eight short films, and was written by request of the festival's executive director, Donald Harrison.
(Crain's Detroit Business, 8/24/2006)
Sample column that spotlighted a range of topics, including the Michigan eLibrary, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Milky the Clown.
(Crain's Detroit Business, 7/6/2006)
Index page for my "Bits & Bytes" column, which ran online three times weekly in Crain's Detroit Business, and in which I spotlighted the best and most interesting sites and resources on the Web.
(Examiner.com, The Pulice Report, 11/9/2010)
Jon Falk, longtime equipment manager for the University of Michigan football team discusses his book, If These Walls Could Talk: Michigan Football Stories from Inside the Big House (Triumph Books).
(The Pulice Report, 3/23/2009)
Q&A with Donald Harrison, Executive Director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, on the 47th installment of this renowned gathering.
(My Borders Monthly, 7/12/2006)
An enlightening chat with Wired magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson regarding his visionary book, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More.
(Inside Borders, 8/1/2002)
A spirited Q&A with Country Music Hall of Fame legend Dolly Parton about her recording Halos & Horns. Parton explains the meaning behind this album title, discusses the inspiration her Tennessee mountain home provides, and whether she plans to pursue additional film roles.
(Inside Borders, 7/1/2002)
An engaging Q&A with late filmmaker Robert Altman, focused on his 2001 film, Gosford Park and specific aspects of the directorial style he employed throughout his acclaimed career.
Websites / Blogs  
(Self, 2/4/2009)
Social media network with a mission to connect and engage creative professionals in Michigan, and a goal of attracting business to the state. Built on the Ning platform, site includes member pages, blogs, forums, events, videos, and more. Track usage with Google Analytics.
(Self, 9/5/2008)
Personal blog with "Michigan focus, global perspective." Spotlights newsmakers and issues that impact Michigan and beyond, and celebrates the creative spirit of the Great Lake State. Posts center on wide range of topics, notably business, technology, arts & entertainment, politics, and education.
(Self, 6/18/2006)
Professional website that showcases my skills and experience as a writer, editor, and project/content manager. Includes links to my presence on social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as links to creative, Michigan, and news-focused sites.
(LivingSocial, 1/28/2011)
"Daily Deal," written as a freelancer for LivingSocial, to promote Mai Thai Yoga Massage in Ann Arbor. Generated 399 purchases for a total of $13,965.
(LivingSocial, 1/27/2011)
"Daily Deal," written as a freelancer for LivingSocial, to promote Redbrick Kitchen & Bar, located in Dexter, MI. Generated 579 purchases for a total of $6948.
(LivingSocial, 1/20/2011)
"Daily Deal," written as a freelancer for LivingSocial, to promote Squares Restaurant in Ann Arbor. Generated 264 purchases for a total of $2112.
Work Info
Content Editor (online) 10 Years
Editor 10 Years
Writer 10 Years
Technology 4 Years
Business (general) 5 Years
Entertainment 19 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
19 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Examiner.com (11+), LivingSocial.com (6-10), Complex Records (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Pulte Group, Inc. (11+), The Henry Ford (11+), Wunderman-Team Detroit (11+)
Computer Skills
MS Office, HTML, TeamSite, MediaBin, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Ning, TypePad, WordPress.
Technical Skills
Audio control board operation, basic Web design
Digital voice recorder (Olympus WS-100), laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000 and 8500)
Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, Society of Professional Journalists
Mediabistro AvantGuild
Society of Professional Journalists
Pre-screener for Ann Arbor Film Festival in 2009-2011, conducted site review by request of executive director in 2009. In 2008, took Mediabistro professional development classes focused on public relations and online news writing. Also in 2008, tutored middle school students for nonprofit organization 826michigan.
Freelancer Availability
I occasionally freelance. I live near Detroit, MI. I am willing to travel locally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.