(l to r) Jean Marie Condon (original executive producer, This Week with Christiane Amanpour), Amanpour, Katie Hinman (former producer, This Week) and Amanpour's assistant Maggie Thomas

Webster defines “Giant” as a person or thing of great size, intellect, etc.

Friday at a luncheon in New York, the Library of American Broadcasting honored nine individuals as Giants of Broadcasting.

The organization also gave the distinguished merit award to a program — “CBS Sunday Morning,” and the four people who made the show must-see TV each week for 32 years, including original host Charles Kuralt and current keeper of the Sunday Morning flame — Charles Osgood.

“The reason they’re honoring us, is certainly not for what we’re doing now, but for the years since it went on the air,” Osgood tells TVNewser.

He credits Kuralt, who died in 1995, and pioneering executive producer Robert “Shad” Northshield as the men with the show’s vision.

“They were the ones who really set the tone, [and] had the idea for doing a broadcast that would be a kind of a Sunday paper on the air,” Osgood says.

The time for the show, 9 a.m. eastern, allows a closer bond with the viewer.

“[You] can watch the broadcast with a second cup of coffee and the newspaper on the floor, maybe you’re in your slippers and bathrobe,” Osgood says. “So we feel it’s a kind of intimacy that you have with the audience.”

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