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Bob Sloan, S3 Founder Explains Balance Sheets for Beginners

According to Bob Sloan, S3 founder, there are many tools available to business owners, seeking to understand and control their corporate finances. For new business owners, it is imperative to make use of all of these tools, but also to ensure a total understanding of them. One of the most important tools of all is the balance sheet, which is a gateway into full financial understanding and strategic planning. Sadly, the balance sheet is also one of the most oft-misunderstood tools in the business owners’ toolbox.

What is a balance sheet? For what is it used? How can one master the terminology and the layout of a balance sheet? Bob Sloan, S3 founder, offers his expertise in the paragraphs that follow. Read more

PMC Property Group Makes Residents Feel at Home

As developers and managers of urban real estate assets, PMC Property Group knows from their own customers that residents of a rental community property are looking for more than just a place to live; they’re looking for a place to call home. Beyond a location to store their belongings and themselves, renters want a space that feels welcoming, comforting, and all their own.

What this means for property managers, says PMC Property Group, is that the best way to appeal to prospective residents with a rental property is to think of it as more than just a rental property. “You don’t want prospective residents to look at your property and think, ‘This will do for now,’” explains a PMC representative. “You want them to look at it and think, ‘This is my new home.’”

While this is easier said than done, it can nevertheless be done fairly easily with the right approach. PMC property management experts share this approach below. By following their expert tips, rental property managers everywhere can create more attractive and appealing properties that almost rent themselves. Read more

TeamBuilders Counseling Services Tells How to Build Stronger Family Bonds

The professionals at TeamBuilders Counseling Services recognize that at the center of peoples’ lives is family. Whether it is their biological family, adoptive family, or any other type, it has a profound impact on their life and who they are. It is important for children to have these bonds to support their growth and development. Families teach each other how to function in the world and overcome challenges and if not counseling services are available. There are several ways in which parents can remain proactive about building stronger family bonds explains: Read more

College Works Painting: How to Kill a Post-Grad Job Interview

As a company that values and aims to equip college students to help them achieve success after graduation, College Works Painting understands the importance of landing the first post-grad job. Most recent graduates struggle to find excellent positions because they lack hands-on experience, something employers have come to expect more and more of in the past few years.  College Works Painting is passionate about equipping students through 500 coveted internship positions, providing interns with extensive training so they can essentially run their own house painting business after the course of a summer. The experiences propel students forward in the competitive job market, setting them apart.

For the past 20 years, the painting company has utilized the internship program, helping students reach success. Previous interns are quick to applaud the company for the skills they learned and the overall experience that helped them build confidence. Read more

Television Fanatic Divulges Tips For Better Video Streaming

It is getting harder to keep track of regular television programming nowadays since people are so busy, but Television Fanatic has provided a unique service that lets users keep up with their shows during their free time. This service consists of a toolbar that is installed on the user’s computer that aggregates many popular shows and lets people view them online. All of the shows are legally downloaded to the company’s server, and users can even utilize the toolbar with their existing Netflix or Hulu accounts. Despite these many conveniences that are presented by the concept of video streaming, some people still have problems with the concept. Video streaming can sometimes lead to choppy quality or poor download speeds. That is why Television Fanatic has provided some tips on how to improve video streaming quality and speed. Read more

Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation’s Mission to Help Kids Fight Cancer

Greg Anderson, founder of Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation, experienced a defining moment in 1984 when we was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Greg was given just 30 days to live by his surgeon.  He was told nothing more could be done.  It’s now 2013, almost 30 years later, and Greg is not only alive but he thrives and is cancer-free.

Refusing to accept the hopelessness of his prognosis, Greg created a whole-person approach to cancer survival.  This included medicine as well as high-level nutrition, daily exercise, powerful mind/body disciplines as well as contemplative prayer.  Today he has started an international outreach to help people with cancer who have been told that their situation is hopeless.  Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation is one of those inspiring organizations. Read more

Rich Gorman On The Game Changer: A Social CEO

You don’t need marketing professionals like Rich Gorman to tell you that conditions are constantly evolving, and that – with these evolutions – CEOs and fellow executives must be open to change. Although resistance to change is part of human nature, it’s fairly well documented that CEOs who follow this suit may cause detrimental harm to their company and brand. Social media networks are among the most-referenced resources nowadays and a lack in interest and presence on these sites can cause companies to become invisible in the eyes of today’s modern consumers. Read more Reviews YouTube’s Geek Week

According to the brand marketing experts at, reviews of popular television shows and movies have highlighted the rise of a particular segment of America’s population. This sector of users and viewers, dubbed ‘geek culture,’ makes up a large and fairly influential demographic. YouTube is using geek culture as a platform to showcase some of their most original and hilarious commentaries and pieces of content. Read more

‘Veep’ Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Sarah Palin

Tonight on Piers Morgan‘s show, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on to talk about her new HBO show “Veep” which bows Sunday.

Morgan asks the actress if she had “more or less sympathy” for Fox News political analyst Sarah Palin as Louis-Dreyfus prepared for her role as the Vice President. “I have more sympathy for all women in government. I think that being…a woman in a position of power is tricky,” she says. “I think the more women we have in power the better off our country will be.”

“More Sarah Palins?” Morgan asks. “No. Not more Sarah Palins in my opinion,” adding, “I’d like a hundred more female democrats.”

Melissa Francis Writing Her Memoir

TVGuide’s Stephen Battaglio chats with FBN’s Melissa Francis whose penning a memoir due out later this year. Francis, who went from child star, to Harvard, to business network anchor, gets praise from a former boss:

“She has a playful yet inquisitive edge to her that makes her different than the die-cast cable anchors,” says “Piers Morgan Tonight” executive producer Jonathan Wald, who worked with Francis at CNBC.