cramer_1-12.jpgIn a long, strangely shocking, profile of CNBC anchor Jim Cramer appearing in this month’s Esquire Magazine, Scott Raab peels back the curtain on the life of Cramer, from his personal crusade against a high school girls field hockey coach to “tipsy” discussions about art history.

An unnamed CNBC VP of PR is as much a part of the piece as Cramer himself, constantly at his side, contributing to the discussion or shutting it down if it drifts to certain topics. “Oddly, though, folks close to Cramer at CNBC seem wary, worried,” writes Raab. “His executive producer and the public-relations VP both tell me, ‘I’m fiercely protective of Jim’ — word for word — as if they speak of a bear cub or baby seal, not the fearless wampum warrior who, in the network’s own ad, ranks with Orwell as a truth-teller.”

Then there’s the part about the hotel bar, Johnnie Walker and “I am a deeply flawed guy who comes out every night to try to do a show — and obviously completely tortured.” And the art history.

As for the high school field hockey coach, click continued for the full exchange…

(image by Asger Carlson for Esquire)

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