shawn_10-10.jpgFox News Channel correspondent Eric Shawn is on the hunt. Since April, he’s been on a cross-country mission to uncover issues related to voter fraud.

“Everyone else is focusing on the candidates and politics, I’m focusing on individuals and the individual’s right to vote,” Shawn told TVNewser today, as he was in the field following another lead.

As the election draws near, tips to a special email inbox [] have been pouring in. “In the last week, we’ve received 1,500 emails,” said Shawn, which represents about half of all the emails received by FNC since the inbox was set up a couple months ago. “I’m trying to read each and every one of them.” Much of the focus for the past few weeks has been on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a group that helps register low-income Americans.

Shawn and FNC producer Becky Diamond have “traveled around the country,” looking for fraud; in Alabama, where there are allegations of absentee ballots being sold for 20 bucks or crack cocaine; or in Florida, where optical scan machines being tested in preparation for the 2008 election are already revealing thousands of lost ballots; or the hundreds of thousands of military votes not being counted from Arizona because they didn’t reach the States in time.

But what is Shawn’s forecast for Election Night ’08? Here’s a hint — not good.

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