ross_8-6b.JPGThe ongoing anthrax case appears to be over, as more information is revealed following the suicide of the leading suspect, Army scientist Bruce Ivins.

But with the end of the case comes a small but vocal group who still want answers from ABC News for their 2001 report that implicated Iraq (Salon’s Glenn Greenwald has written the most about the issue).

On Monday, Jay Rosen of New York University and Dan Gillmor of the Center for Citizen Media identified, “Three Vital Questions,” ABC News should answer.

TVNewser spoke with ABC’s Brian Ross today, the lead reporter on the anthrax stories in late 2001. He explains in detail, what happened then and what it means now.

“In the end, you’re only as good as your sources,” he said. “My sources were good, we just got information that became outdated before they could update. My point of view is viewers of World News knew early that week we had been wrong to say bentonite.”

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