One day after telling his radio audience that he’s gay, ESPN Radio 1050 host Jared Max wrote an open letter for ESPN Front Row:

Yesterday may have been the greatest day of my life.

Hours after coming out publicly, telling a sports audience that I’m gay, I was standing in my backyard and thinking about how I’d never felt what I was feeling.

I described it on The Michael Kay Show as having had dark colored lenses lifted from my eyes. And, while my vision for the last 16 years (since I first came out to my mother) had not been shadowed by a darkness which was painfully omnipresent during my last 2-1/2 years in college, I finally realized that the windshield I’d been looking through for more than a decade was, indeed, caked with grime and grit.

But, I didn’t realize it until clarity came yesterday, hours after coming out on the radio. On ESPN Radio, no less.

I mean, this is sports. But, the reactions to my news from colleagues in the sports business blew me away. Read more