cnn heroesCNN is adding to its “Heroes” franchise, creating original documentaries telling the stories of past winners: 2009 and 2010 top 10 heroes Doc Hendley and Dan Wallrath.

“Operation Finally Home: A CNN Heroes Special Presentation” airs next Sunday, December 8 at 8pmET, and follows Wallrath as he builds homes for the families of two returning disabled veterans.

“Having the opportunity to film the CNN Heroes documentary was very moving and rewarding for us at Operation FINALLY HOME,” Wallrath tells TVNewser. “This is a huge opportunity for us to get our mission out and have the rest of America understand what wounded service members, their families and the widows of the fallen are facing when returning home.  We would not be were we are at as an organization without CNN Heroes!  God bless them!”

“Wine to Water: A CNN Heroes Special Presentation” debuts Sunday, December 15 at 8 pmET, and follows Hendley’s journey from a refugee camp in Uganda to an impoverished Colombian village, where he tries to save the lives of children and their families.

“After showcasing these extraordinary individuals for seven years, I am thrilled that we are going in-depth for an incredible journey with two of our most compelling Heroes,” said Kelly Flynn, CNN Heroes senior executive producer.

This year’s CNN Heroes airs Sunday night at 8pmET.

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