Former ABC “Nightline” producer Dana Wolfe is interviewed as part of Mediabistro’s “Hey How’d You Do That?” series. Wolfe now runs the U.S. version of the Rosenkranz Foundation’s “Intelligence Squared” debate series. If you are an AvantGuild member, you can read the entire interview here.

How did your experience as a producer for Nightline prepare you for producing debates? 

I was highly influenced by Ted Koppel, who always tried to make Nightline a forum for civil discourse. I remember working, way back when at the Madrid Summit, where I used to see the Israelis and the Palestinians talking to one another, and that was never done publicly until then. At Nightline, I was always involved with all of the big town meetings around the world — that usually involves bringing two sides of a topic together to try to come away with some common balance. This idea of distinctive division and a passion for story telling is something that seems to be a thread throughout my career.

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