You would be hard pressed to find a classier guy in the business than CBS Sports announcer James Brown.

The Inside the NFL and The NFL Today host spoke to 25 high school students from the Newark Collegiate Academy in Newark, N.J. on Friday. The students had the opportunity to speak to Brown on his broadcast career and will have an opportunity to tour the CBS Sports studios.

Following the event, Brown spoke to SportsNewser about the maturity of Michael Vick and his emotional moment during the Chris Henry segment on Thanksgiving.

SportsNewser: You spoke at Newark Collegiate Academy this morning in Newark. As a former athlete turned broadcaster, how important is education in the journalism world?

James Brown: Oh my goodness gracious. Critically. One of the points I hopefully drove home successfully to the young people there is that is [education] the foundation. I spent a lot of time talking about the foundation. Having a rock solid foundation and that education is the key. I was borrowing if you will from the language of architecture in building, telling them the many skyscrapers that they see in New York, while they stand so tall and sturdy and withstand the storms and wind beating against it, that which enables the building to do that is not seen. And that’s the foundation. Read more