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Hermain Cain Suspends Campaign for President

The cable networks went into overdrive this afternoon as Herman Cain suspended his campaign for president following reports last week that he had a 13-year extra-marital affair.

“False accusations against me continue to be spinned in the media,” Cain said before announcing his so-called “Plan B.”

“That spin hurts. It hurts my wife. It hurts my family. It hurts me and it hurts the American people because you are being denied solutions to our problems.”

The made-for-cable event began this morning as reporters, anchors and pundits speculated on what Cain would do. The event was billed, afterall, as an opening to Cain’s Atlanta campaign headquarters.

After a few speeches, a prayer, and the pledge of allegiance, at 1:28pmET Cain emerged hand-in-hand with his wife Gloria from his campaign bus to his theme song, “I Am America.”

“The voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media,” said Cain to a crowd estimated at about 300.

Fifteen minutes into his address, Cain announced, “As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul-searching I am suspending my presidential campaign.”

“Let me tell you this about politics,” said Cain. It is a dirty, dirty game.”

Should Greta Van Susteren Disclose Husband’s Friendship with Herman Cain?

As we told you yesterday, John Coale, Greta Van Susteren‘s husband helped arrange a dinner with Herman Cain and several media bigwigs, including Van Susteren, in New York this weekend. But due to Cain’s personal issues, that dinner has been canceled. Reports then began to surface that Coale is advising Cain. (As for the dinner, Coale says Cain had called him up and asked him to phone his friend, New York gossip queen Cindy Adams who invited the guests.)

So, is it fair to say John Coale is a Cain adviser? And should Van Susteren mention this on her show, especially when she’s discussing the Cain campaign, as she did last night during a conversation with Brit Hume?

On the first question, both Coale and Greta say “no.” On GretaWire she writes that her husband has a lot of friends in Washington:

As friends, he gives them advice, and they give him advice….he tells them things and they tell him things. It is all part of living in Washington. Many in the media have spouses – unlike my husband – who actually WORK for politicians and or in government. Let me repeat, my husband does NOT WORK for any of them and NEVER HAS.

As for the second question, we asked Fox News and Bill Shine, who oversees primetime shows, including Van Susteren’s says Greta’s blog post is enough of a disclosure. Shine refused to answer why she didn’t mention the friendship, or advice-giving, or dinner-arranging, or whatever you call it, on air.

You’ll recall, Van Susteren got the first interview with Cain and his wife earlier this month following the sexual harassment allegations.

What do you think? Comments are open…

Herman Cain Denies Affair: ‘Here We Go Again’

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Dale Russell an investigative reporter at WAGA, the Fox station in Atlanta interviewed businesswoman Ginger White, who told of having a 13-year-long affair with GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. The station kept the interview under wraps, but let the story trickle out over Twitter and online. (And just so you know who got the exclusive, they plastered their station logo over White’s picture).

But even before the station could air the full “exclusive” story — which they will during the 6pm newscast — Cain went on CNN’s “Situation Room” with a prebuttal telling Wolf Blitzer it’s simply not true: “I just wanted to give you a heads up and your audience a heads up. Here we go again.”

Is Wolf Blitzer Ready for ‘Bullies like Gingrich?’

It might look like the three other debates held on CNN this primary season, but the photo above is the stage for tonight’s GOP debate — the 11th of the primary season. CNN is teaming up with The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute for the debate at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington. Wolf Blitzer moderates and at the podiums above, from left to right, will stand Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Jon Huntsman.

In the past few debates — as he’s climbed in the polls — Gingrich has made a point of calling out the style and moderating of the TV debates. Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik has some advice for Blitzer in this regard:

There’s a civil but firm way to deal with bullies like Gingrich in follow-up questions and remarks, and I hope Blitzer will use his stature and intelligence to do that tonight. I’ll put Blitzer’s professional experience and John Hopkins University graduate education in international politics up against Gingrich’s education and intellectual track record any day.

Greta Finds Asking Gloria Cain about Sex Harassment Accusations ‘A Bit of a Challenge’

Greta Van Susteren got her sit-down interview with Gloria (Mrs. Herman) Cain yesterday, and she also got to chat with Mr. Herman Cain and met the Cain children and grandchildren.

The interview happened early Sunday afternoon and will air tonight on “On the Record.” On her blog, Van Susteren writes, “It was a bit of a challenge interviewing her since we had to ask her about the sexual harassment allegations. We wanted to be very polite yet ask her the difficult questions.”

After the jump, a preview…

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Bret Baier Hosts ‘Fight for Iowa’ Special; Greta Gets interview with Mrs. Herman Cain

Greta Van Susteren won’t be on FNC tonight, but that doesn’t mean she’s not working. Politico reports Van Susteren will sit down for an interview with Gloria Cain, wife of GOP candidate Herman Cain. It’s not known when the interview will air, or where it will take place. On her blog this morning Van Susteren wrote, “I am on a plane – so your turn to blog!”

In her place at 10pmET tonight, Bret Baier hosts a Fox News Reporting special: “The Fight for Iowa.” How the Iowa caucuses work and how they got to be “first in the nation.” For more than a year, FNC crews have been in Iowa following the candidates. The special includes interviews with candidates Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, as well as former VP nominee Sarah Palin, and former GOP candidate Tim Pawlenty.

(Photo: GretaWire, Sept. 2011)

Sean Hannity’s Minor Correction of a Major Error

Last night, Sean Hannity corrected — sort of — some really bad information that got out on his show Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, Hannity had on Herman Cain‘s chief of staff Mark Block who claimed that one of Cain’s accusers, Karen Kraushaar, is the mother of someone who works at Politico, which first broke the news of sexual harassment accusations.

After Block made the charge, Hannity said, “Have you confirmed that? I’ve been hearing that all day. You’ve confirmed that now, right?”

“We confirmed it that he does indeed work at Politico and that’s his mother, yes,” said Block.

Not only does Josh Kraushaar not work for Politico, (he did up until last year. Now he’s executive editor at National Journal’s “The Hotline,”) but he’s not even related to the Cain accuser.

Last night, toward the end of “Hannity,” the panel was discussing how the sex harassment story could have gotten out in the first place.

Democratic strategist and FNC analyst Joe Trippi said, “We had this yesterday. Block came on your show and started throwing around charges: the son of one of the accusers worked for…” Hannity jumped in saying “No, he was wrong with that. I even said, “did you confirm that?”

National Journal was told Tuesday’s error would be addressed on Wednesday’s show, but this is leaving some underwhelmed.

Stage is Set for CNBC GOP Debate

Debate preps are in high gear in Rochester, Michigan for tonight’s “Your Money, Your Vote: The Republican Presidential Debate” live on CNBC. Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood moderate the debate at Oakland University starting at 8pmET. The economy is supposed to be the focus of the 90-minute debate, but allegations against GOP candidate Herman Cain will loom large.

(Photo: CNBC/Sanford Cannold)

Cablers Cover Herman Cain’s Response To Sexual Harassment Accusations

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain addressed the accusations of sexual harassment against him in a press conference from Phoenix this evening. Although yesterday’s presser with Cain accuser Sharon Bialek and her attorney Gloria Allred was only covered by CNN, today all three cable networks went to Cain live shortly after 5 pmET.

Fox News Channel had a special report anchored by Bret Baier from Washington. “The Five” resumed at the conclusion of the press conference. CNN and MSNBC stayed with their regular 5pmET anchors — Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews, respectively.

After his statement, Cain began taking questions. First one went to CBS News’ Steve Futterman, followed by Tim Gaynor from Reuters and Robin Abcarian from the Los Angeles Times.

5 Things You Need to Know This Week: Herman Cain Sings and Matt Lauer Goes Missing

In this week’s episode of “5 Things You Need to Know This Week,” Herman Cain sings about sexual harassment, Justin Bieber has a baby with Kate Middleton (I think I have that right), and nobody seems to know the whereabouts of Matt Lauer. Plus, we debut the 1st annual “Where in the World is ‘Five Things You Need to Know This Week?’”

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