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Glenn Beck a Hot Topic on the Sunday Shows

On Fox News Sunday, with substitute host Bret Baier, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham was asked whether Glenn Beck represents the Republican party. “No,” was Graham’s answer, adding, “It’s not the kind of political analysis I buy into.”

Then later on CNN’s State of the Union with John King, which, about the broadcast network Sunday shows likes to use that dismissive line: “we watch so you don’t have to,” the husband-wife, left-right team of James Carville and Mary Matalin weighed in on what Beck means. Matalin’s analysis was measured and thoughtful; Carville’s was, not surprisingly, a bit more blunt: “I think he’s nuts!”

Kennedy Funeral: Quotes from the Morning

MEDIA_SHEP_MASS_1.jpgDuring today’s funeral Mass coverage for Sen. Kennedy, there was ample time for newsers to add their own color to the proceedings. We’ve collected a small sample of the quotes we heard that supplemented this morning’s coverage as we flipped between networks.

Shepard Smith anchored FNC’s morning coverage and said:

“In his nearly 47 years in the Senate, Ted Kennedy worked on legislation that affects every single one of us every day of our lives. And now the nation mourns his passing and celebrates his life. Last night we watched an incredible Irish wake, I suppose it was. There were tears of laughter and joy. There were stories of childhood and adulthood, of days sailing in the harbors and bays of Massachusetts, of quiet times, of celebration throughout a storied history.There were Kennedy tales that many of us had never before heard, and here were remembrances from both sides of the political aisle, as Republicans, Democrats, moderates, liberals, conservatives remembered the man whose life had so many ups and downs, a man who shared so much triumph and so much tragedy.”

Keith Olbermann reflected:

“We don’t have royalty, this is the closest thing we have to it. We somehow psychologically dally with the idea, but it’s more than that. That would mean a certain connection and familiarity with people from generation to generation and brother to brother. But an affection seems to be built on…that public vulnerability. It’s as much the tragedies, the failures as…the story of redemption in Senator Kennedy’s life, that I think threads throughout the family and has been expressed again today. That’s the bind between people and a group of politicians…The benefit of the doubt, when they don’t always live up to the expectation, is, I think, based on the willingness to say, ‘Here are my problems. maybe you have problems too. While I’m working on mine, I’m also working on yours.’”

George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams, James Carville, and Andrea Mitchell after the jump.

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The Ticker: Chamillionaire, AC360, Geist

> Rapper Chamillionaire is the latest hip-hop artist to have something to say about Bill O’Reilly: “I don’t get him, man, but I think there’s a method to his madness and the crazy stuff that he says on Fox News…But [when this video came out], I felt it was only right, man. The timing for someone to come up and speak on a lot of that crazy stuff that was going on. And now we on to something different.” You can see the clip here (a little after 05:30). (h/t SOHH)

> Anderson Cooper will be anchoring “AC360″ from New Orleans this evening. As we previously noted, he is joining James Carville for a tour of the city.

> And this funny tweet from MSNBC “Way Too Early” host and “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist (@WillieGeist1):

@ContessaBrewer joins the “Way Too Early” guys to promote her new show. She doesn’t know when its on. [VIDEO]

CNN Introducing Two New Specials This Week

lemon_cooper8-21.jpgCNN will be broadcasting a new special as well as a special series over the next week, both of which appear to be sobering, grave, and other similar adjectives.

Saturday, Don Lemon is hosting a special entitled “Inside Chicago’s Killer Town” about violence in a Chicago neighborhood. A press release states, “He takes us into a neighborhood where Ceasefire, a community group involved in reducing violence, is active and working. We hear from current and former gang members who have been shot and/or are in rehab trying to turn their lives around.”

Then, starting Monday, “AC360″ will be running a special series called “After the Storm” checking in on New Orleans four years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Along with Anderson Cooper anchoring, there will be special reports from Sean Callebs, Drew Griffin, Gary Tuchman and CNN’s senior medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. On Thursday, Cooper will join James Carville in New Orleans for a tour of the city.

Cable News Giving Rebirth to an Old Obama Theory

Earlier, we wrote about Lou Dobbs and his radio coverage of the so-called “birther” movement which was kicked in to high gear this week due in part to this video from a town hall meeting held by Rep. Mike Castle, R-Delaware, on June 30.

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Well, we wanted to find out how the cable news networks have been covering the issue, so we did some more digging.

Media Matters has been covering the coverage of the birthers for more than a month and found Dobbs discussing the issue again last night on his CNN show with fellow radio talk show hosts. “The president, all he has to do is just produce the original birth certificate in a way and be done with it,” said Dobbs.

Other CNN anchors, including Rick Sanchez, have debated the issue. On Sanchez’s show yesterday conservative radio talker Ben Ferguson said, “I banned the topic from my show because I was so sick and tired of talking about it.”

Then last night on “Larry King Live”, after playing the clip from the Rep. Castle town hall, James Carville said, “That lady’s a poor thing, reads all of this goofy stuff that you hear on one of our rival networks.”

We’re not sure which “rival network” Carville is referring to, but Fox News has not covered the story and has not shown the video from the Rep. Castle event. FNC anchor Shepard Smith did bring up the issue during his much-publicized “frightening email” commentary last month.

MSNBC has been covering the birthers, for the most part, from the conspiracy theory angle. On Hardball, Chris Matthews talked to a Republican co-sponsor of a bill on the matter saying, “What you’re doing is appeasing the nutcases.” Joe Scarborough, Rachel Maddow and David Shuster, in for Keith Olbermann, have also discussed the story.

Obama, Cheney, Limbaugh, Powell, Bush, 9/11, Clinton. Discuss.

Last night at the Radio City Speakers series, Charlie Rose moderated a debate between Fox News analyst Karl Rove and CNN analyst James Carville. Here’s a bit about the Cheney-Powell-Limbaugh hot topic that devolved into a 9/11 reference.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Mary Matalin Rejoins CNN

MM_4.23.jpgMary Matalin has signed on as a CNN political contributor.

Matalin will appear on various CNN shows as well as twice monthly alongside her husband, Democratic strategist and fellow CNN political contributor James Carville. Those appearances will be on State of the Union with John King beginning this Sunday. Matalin and Carville appeared together often on Meet the Press during the Tim Russert era.

Matalin was formerly a co-host of CNN’s Crossfire and CNBC’s (later MSNBC’s) Equal Time.

Matalin held White House positions including assistant to President George W. Bush and counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney. She was also a strategist in the 1992, 2000 and 2004 Republican presidential campaigns.

The Ticker (Progamming Edition): CNBC, ABC, FNC…

> CNBC’s Steve Liesman interviews Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner today on “Power Lunch” at NoonET.

> Tonight on Nightline, ABC’s Terry Moran reveals his predisposition to Alzheimer’s, a disease which runs in his family.

> Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, who conducted the initial poll with James Carville that led to the Rush Limbaugh focus by the Democrats, goes head-to-head with Sean Hannity tonight.

Limbaugh: White House “Playing Manipulative Games With Washed Up Talking Heads Targeting Me”

begala_3-5.bmpRush Limbaugh has been the talk of cable news this week. The latest came in Wednesday’s Politico story claiming that there is a targeted effort by White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and CNN’s Paul Begala and James Carville to keep Limbaugh in the news cycle, due in part to his high negatives.

A short time ago on his radio show, Limbaugh responded.

The White House has its chief of staff playing manipulative games with washed up talking heads, targeting me on the taxpayer dime. This country doesn’t need another administration playing dirty tricks and making enemy lists.

Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, Begala was pressed by Cooper over his involvement. “You didn’t answer the question. Are you working…as part of a concerted effort to do this?” asked Cooper.

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘concerted effort,’” responded Begala. “I guess the short answer is no. I do what I do.”

But Begala ultimately disputed the Politico story: “I have a long history of disliking Rush…I don’t take orders from Rahm Emanuel.”

Click continued to see the AC360 interview with Begala…

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ABC Officially Responds to Stephanopoulos-Emanuel Phone Call Questions

rahm_2-5.jpgSince last week’s Politico story about the regular phone calls between former Clinton White House’ers Rahm Emanuel, George Stephanopoulos, Paul Begala and James Carville, several conservative outlets have raised the question of a conflict of interest.

Media Research President Brent Bozell has been one of the most vocal critics (Rush Limbaugh‘s callers also jammed the ABC News phone lines). Bozell, who makes a claim not part of the Politico story that these are “strategy phone calls,” requested ABC respond to the story on Newsbusters and in an open letter. “With each passing day, ABC’s failure to speak to and about this issue tarnishes further the network’s reputation as a legitimate news entity,” he writes.

Today, ABC responded to Bozell and other critics, although they say there have been several prior on-the-record responses ignored by Media Research Center. “To be crystal clear, George Stephanopoulos does not advise Rahm Emanuel nor anyone else in the Obama Administration,” says the letter from SVP of editorial quality, Kerry Smith. “He reports on the Obama Administration. He speaks to Mr. Emanuel, a friend he has known for nearly two decades, as a source, just as he speaks to countless sources across the political spectrum each and every day.”

Politico also later wrote “I don’t think they have the story quite right,” regarding Bozell’s claims.

Click continued to see the full response letter from ABC…

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