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Megyn Kelly is ‘Not Ideological,’ Won’t Be Fed ‘Incoherent Tripe’

megyn kelly kelly file 5Politico profiles “red hot” Megyn Kelly and takes the temperature of both personal supporters of Kelly’s and vehement detractors of Fox News.

  • First Look Media’s Glenn Greenwald: “She has a lower tolerance for being fed incoherent tripe from her own side than the average cable news TV host.”
  • Fmr. Fox News contributor Jane Hall: “She clearly often has a point of view, but somehow she manages to show independence and be seen as someone who is not ideological and hitting the same talking points that you see on some of the other prime-time shows.”
  • MSNBC host Chris Matthews: “I think [the Rove incident] was the first big sign, at least to me, that she was going to be a journalist… that she was going to use journalistic standard in covering the election. I think that struck a lot of people.”
  • WJLA General Manager Bill Lord: “I think she’s tried to stay — as best you can in the Fox environment — pretty much in the middle of the political spectrum.”
  • The Loudest Voice in the Room author Gabe Sherman: “I think she wants to maintain her credibility so that when Roger [Ailes] is out of the picture at Fox, she could jump to CNN or another network. She doesn’t want to get marginalized as right wing.”

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Brian Stelter Makes ‘Reliable Sources’ Debut

StelterRS304Brian Stelter, who filled in a few times on “Reliable Sources” the last few months, made his debut as host of the CNN media criticism show this morning. Stelter covered this week’s revolving media door, President Obama‘s media criticism, and the death of Nelson Mandela.

Stelter opened with a panel on Martin Bashir‘s resignation and Sam Champion‘s move to The Weather Channel.

NPR media critic Eric Deggans criticized MSNBC for not suspending Bashir immediately for Bashir’s vile comments toward Sarah Palin, while The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi doubted Bashir’s resignation, suggesting MSNBC President Phil Griffin probably asked him to leave, and allowed Bashir to resign. American University professor Jane Hall said if Bashir didn’t leave, MSNBC would be in the uncomfortable position of looking less bothered by vile comments toward women than about Alec Baldwin‘s anti-gay slurs.

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Why Nate Silver is Such a Hot Commodity

Nate Silver’s migration from the New York Times to ESPN represents more than a new URL – it augurs a sea change in the news business itself, experts say.

Silver’s acclaimed political blog, fivethirtyeight, will expand to sports, weather and entertainment, among other areas, as part of its analytics-driven venue at, he told reporters yesterday in a conference call.

Though the focus at this point is the blog, expect to see Silver on ESPN and ABC News, especially at election season. Regardless, the blog itself has the muscle to alter the paradigm in news reportage, says Jane Hall, an associate professor in American University’s School of Communication.

“The new buzzwords in the future of journalism are ‘data driven’ and ‘visualization of data,’” Hall says. “Silver brought tremendous credibility and proved himself with his political blog. To branch out to other areas could be very exciting.

“You can do a lot of analysis of data that is credible, if you do it right. A new paradigm could be a very good thing, but I still believe in shoe-leather reporting. You still need to talk to people, face to face, to see what’s on their minds.”

Alex S. Jones, director of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy – and a loyal Timesman – says Silver’s methodology will become a trend because “he’s not the only genius in the world. There will be a lot of people trying to out-Nate Nate.”

Using metrics for weather is a great thing, Jones says, but applying it to sports would be “depressing. If you knew, at the beginning of the season, that the Yankees would lose, it takes away the mystery, the uncertainty.”

Moreover, if Silver, a former baseball numbers wonk, is as accurate with sports prognosticating as he is with politics, “he’ll make it impossible for bookies to make a living,” Jones warns. “People will be less likely to make stupid bets.”

Bryant Gumbel, host of HBO’s “Real Sports,” isn’t convinced that Silver, whom he labels as “a smart guy with a lot of talent,” will be an actual handicapper.

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Here’s the Guest List for the Final ‘Reliable Sources’ With Howard Kurtz

Howard Kurtz hosts his final “Reliable Sources” tomorrow morning. On Monday, Kurtz, who has moderated the CNN show since 1998, joins Fox News Channel where he’ll host their media criticism show.

Starting next Sunday a rotating cast of hosts will be in the “Reliable Sources” chair. Here’s the guest list for tomorrow’s show, 11amET on CNN:

  • Topics: Glenn Greenwald Fires Back at the Media; Coverage of SCOTUS Rulings on Same Sex Marriage; Paula Deen on the Today Show

Guest: Steve Roberts, professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University
Guest: Terence Smith, former reporter, PBS, CBS News, New York Times
Guest: Jane Hall, associate professor, American University’s School of Communications
Guest: Eric Deggans, TV critic, Tampa Bay Times

  • Topic: Media Reports Extensively on the Murder Trial of George Zimmerman

Guest: Eric Deggans, TV critic, Tampa Bay Times

  • Topic: Gender Gap in Reporting in Men’s versus Women’s Magazines?

Guest: Janet Reitman, contributing editor, Rolling Stone Magazine
Guest: Robbie Myers, editor-in-chief, Elle Magazine

CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ Discusses Keith Olbermann’s Departure… With Former MSNBCer David Shuster

The departure of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC was the main topic of discussion on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” this week. Host Howard Kurtz brought in former MSNBC anchor David Shuster and American University professor Jane Hall, along with media reporters and critics Verne Gay and David Zurawik to discuss Olbermann:

‘MSNBC would love if Keith Olbermann could turn out 300,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial.’


On CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Saturday’s Lincoln Memorial rally was a hot topic of conversation with liberal pundits Jane Hall and Bill Press and conservative blogger Matt Lewis. The discussion ranged from the impact, the size (somewhere between 87,000 and half a million, including Bill Press), to the promotional platform from Beck’s network: Fox News Channel.

Jane Hall: But again, when you promote it on your network, and the man is drawing people because he has viewers on Fox, it is aligned with Fox. So it’s a distinction without a difference, in my opinion.

Bill Press: Howie, they did pull back toward the end. But let’s face it, this event would not have happened without Fox News. This was a Fox News event.

Howard Kurtz: Well, because Fox gives Beck a platform. But the other hosts were not banging the drums on this.

Press: No. Bill O’Reilly had him on his show to promote it. He was on “Fox & Friends” many times –

Kurtz: Yes, he appeared as a guest.

Press: — to promote it. And when you — I think the bigger picture is you couple that and all of the rest of his political activity, if I could just finish, with Sarah Palin is on the payroll, Newt Gingrich is on the payroll, Mike Huckabee is on the payroll.

Matt Lewis: MSNBC would love if Keith Olbermann could turn out 300,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial. He couldn’t do it. Glenn Beck can do it, and there’s the difference.

> Earlier: Live blog & Poll from Beck’s 8/28 Lincoln Memorial Rally

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A Fair & Balanced Discussion of Glenn Beck’s Rally?

Tomorrow Howard Kurtz will be talking about Glenn Beck‘s rally, among other topics, with his panel on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” He’s got liberal talker Bill Press booked, as well as Matt Lewis, a conservative writer for Politics Daily and Jane Hall, who was until last year, a left-leaning Fox News pundit. Hall left Fox News in part because of Beck.

Is this a balanced panel? You decide tomorrow on CNN at 11amET.

The Beck rally and the competing rally held by the Rev. Al Sharpton will come up on the Sunday public affairs shows as well. Beck will be a guest on “FOX News Sunday,” and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is a guest on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.” Duncan was scheduled to speak at Sharpton’s rally.

On “Reliable Sources” Kurtz will also be talking about former RNC chairman and campaign manager of Bush-Cheney ’04 Ken Mehlman coming out of the closet. Kurtz’s guest: Ross Douthat of The New York Times.

Shirley Sherrod, African American Anchors on ‘Reliable Sources’

Reliable072310.jpg Tomorrow, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” will examine the Shirley Sherrod case. American University’s Jane Hall,’s Joan Walsh and’s Matt Lewis will discuss whether some media organizations jumped to conclusions over the Sherrod video.

Also, St. Petersburg Times media critic Eric Deggans, radio host Amy Holmes and former ABC News anchor Carole Simpson will discuss the topic “Are There Enough African Americans Headlining Network News?” with host Howard Kurtz.

“Reliable Sources” airs Sunday at 11 a.m. ET.

Candy Crowley: ‘I’m Not Going to Argue that When You Turn on the TV, You Basically Get Young, Blonde, Thin Women’

Crowley_2.3.jpgThe double standard is alive and well in the news business.

Or is it?

Candy Crowley‘s appointment as anchor of CNN’s “State of the Union” – she debuts Sunday — has re-ignited that contentious debate. Particularly among women.

To wit: Would Crowley have been chosen if she hadn’t dropped major poundage over the past year, or is the fact that she was chosen a sign that networks have moved beyond judging on-air women by their dress size?

Crowley, 61, whose credentials and experience are beyond reproach, says she’s not sure.

“Would I have gotten the job without having lost the weight? I don’t know. That’s an X factor,” says CNN’s respected senior political correspondent. “Does the refrigerator light stay on when you close the door? We’ll never know.”

Crowley won’t disclose how many pounds she’s lost, but says she’s down five dress sizes. She doesn’t own a scale. Exercise, diet and transcendental meditation led to the transformation, she says, which she embarked on to feel better, not to be an anchor.

“I think I have the credentials to do this job,” says Crowley, a CNN staffer since 1987. “This company has talked about my credentials first, last and always. I got the job because I’m the best person for the job.”

Still, Crowley acknowledges that she doesn’t fit the stereotype in a business where body size still matters if you’re female.

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One Year Later: The President and the TV Press

J Hall.jpg“There’s a difference between governing,” says media critic Jane Hall, “and getting elected.”

One year ago today, Pres. Barack Obama began to govern — and the nets and cablers started covering his administration.

So how have they done?

“I think many reporters in the White House press corps have been asking tough questions,” says Hall, an associate professor at American University’s School of Communication and a former Fox News contributor. “I think Obama’s getting more scrutiny out of the gate certainly than [George W.] Bush did, because of 9/11.”

Carlson Tucker.jpgHall cites ABC’s Jake Tapper as a particularly assertive questioner. “[I]n some ways [he] looks to me as if he’s taken on some of the Sam Donaldson-David Gregory role” in the White House press briefing room.

Overall, tvnewsers “have been more rigorous in their coverage [of Obama] than they were during the campaign,” says Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson, co-founder of The Daily Caller. “Some kind of hangover, breakup — pick your metaphor — is inevitable. The love affair was so intense between the press and Obama the candidate…The expectations were always unsustainable.”

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