Andy Najar has a decision to make. The young soccer phenom needs to pick between the United States and Honduras. Both countries are vying for the 17-year-old’s services.

But at least Najar has the ability to make a choice. The Yanks Are Coming’s Neil W. Blackmon writes a heartbreaking story about an Atlanta 18-year-old who’s an illegal immigrant and, therefore, can’t even play for his regional select team because he and his father are concerned he’ll be discovered while traveling.

“[Knowing the truth] was the hardest thing. I’m American. I like the same things most kids like – FIFA 2011 on Playstation, hip hop, going to the movies. When Landon scored against Algeria, I ran around my house screaming and hugging my cousins. It was like they scored for me, for my friends. I’m just like most my friends, except I’m not.”

There’s hope, but then it’s dashed. Read more