Koppel_11.25.jpgFormer ABC News man Ted Koppel and Discovery Communications “have reached an amicable agreement to dissolve their relationship.” The move comes six months before the three-year contract was set to expire.

Koppel joined Discovery Channel in January, 2006 as Managing Editor. He brought with him long-time Nightline EP Tom Bettag, as well as eight other producers and staffers.

Koppel on Discovery, as it was called, covered a wide range of topics, including the acclaimed series on China, The People’s Republic of Capitalism. One of Koppel’s producers, John Alexander, died in China while on that assignment.

During the election, Koppel was a regular contributor to BBC America. He’s also a senior analyst with NPR.

Says Koppel in a press release, “Producing our kind of news-related programs is an expensive proposition. It has long been clear that neither of us is interested in an extension of the current contract. We leave with gratitude for the professional opportunities we’ve been given and for the generosity with which we’ve been treated.”

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