After six months, Jay Mariotti finally broke his silence on Real Talk with Jason Whitlock.

The former AOL columnist and Around the Horn panelist spoke candidly on his personal troubles that halted his professional career.

On his critics taking great joy of his fall:

“As a critic, you’re never going to hear me complain about critics. As you pointed out a couple minutes ago, nobody really understands. What troubles me about some members of the media, my critics, is look at the bottom line. Go back and see our statements on this. Did anybody really look at my attorney’s statements after the fact? Were they rooting for the absolute worst?

What people don’t understand about the plea is it was a low-level misdemeanor. At first, this thing was advertised as a felony. It was never at that level. It was never accepted by the District Attorney. I don’t think people Jason … they wanted to see the initial headline and they aren’t going to necessary follow the ends and outs of the case. The fact of the matter is here I am. I’ve been living my life.” Read more