russert_7-11.JPGNew York Magazine’s Kurt Andersen speculates if the death of Tim Russert signaled an end to the era of having, “political media’s alpha dog.”

“As a result of more and more journalists’ making names for themselves by morphing into commentators, the pool of candidates to become the clued-in voice of authority, equally trusted by people on the left and right, is shrinking,” Andersen writes. “By growing so loud and large and opinionated, the commentariat may be rendering itself incapable of having a king.”

Dubbing him “probably irreplaceable,” Andersen describes the appeal of Russert. “He could call a spade a spade, mostly stuck to facts, and almost never adopted that pose of phony broadcaster gravitas that we see parodied on Comedy Central every night,” he writes.

And what does Andersen say is “like watching Henry V and As You Like It performed on the same stage at the same time”?

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