For “20/20″ anchor Chris Cuomo, the story of Bernie Madoff is a complex one, with a resonating message.

“Madoff became the face of the animosity toward what was perceived, what still is perceived, as a corrupt financial system,” Cuomo tells TVNewser. “After 2008 there became an engrained sense among many that there are two sets of rules, that there is a dirty game afoot when it comes to the wealthy and Wall Street.”

Cuomo was highly aware of Madoff’s reputation during a recent sit-down with his daughter-in-law, Stephanie Madoff Mack, in her first interview since the December suicide of her husband, Mark Madoff. By all accounts, Cuomo says, Mack was innocent of any wrongdoing, and she is now left picking up the pieces of a shattered life.

“This is a difficult form of journalism,” he says. “This is a love story wrapped up in a news story, and that’s tricky to tell, because there is a really deep bond between these two people, Stephanie and Mark. So telling that story, while remembering that this is also a window into a situation that affected thousands, is tricky. It involves a lot of sophisticated storytelling.” Read more