Al Jazeera America’s launch is a month away, and as Joe Pompeo notes in NY Mag, it represents an extremely unusual event in the world of television: a totally new TV channel, not just a half-baked re-branding of an old one.

That said, the channel is already experiencing growing pains, well before it has launched. In The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald writes about internal strife at the channel, from Al Jazeera veterans concerned that the new venture will be nothing but a clone of CNN, or too obsequious to the U.S. government.

He also quotes from a long email from one of Al Jazeera’s most prominent journalists, Marwan Bishara, the host of “Empire,” sent to executives at the cable channel. You can read the entire email here.

It’s truly insulting to the greater majority of the Americans who I suspect want to watch us and support us that AJAM communicates with them through empty gimmicks and poor marketing theatrics. If we fail America around the launch time, it will be ever more difficult to salvage a tarnished image and compromised credibility.

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