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Stephen A. Smith: Bayless 'Not Far From Cuckoo's Nest'

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith finally confirmed what everyone already concluded about ESPN personality Skip Bayless. No, not that he’s a shifty contrarian with no firm beliefs; rather, that he’s basically loco.

During an interview with Bruce Bankoff of Big Lead Sports, Smith said of Bayless, I have a great deal of respect for him. I’ve known him for 17 years. He does his homework. He has his bully pulpit on ESPN 2. And he is not afraid to take on anyone face to face. I’ve been on that show and taken him on. But I have to tell you, he’s crazy. He has his opinions and he means what he says. But he’s not too far from the cuckoo’s nest. That boy is crazy.”



Oprah Dreams of O.J. Confessing to Her

It’s a long-running joke that anyone looking to unburden their soul of a troubling transgression will confess to Oprah Winfrey on her television show. But the sports figure who probably has the largest outstanding sin to account for, O.J. Simpson, remains the white whale for Oprah, causing her to dream about the possibility that the Hall of Fame running back who was acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman will come clean about what 99.9 percent of the population assume.

Oprah, not one to be deterred, said she’s going to get Simpson to give up the goods.

“And I am going to make that happen, people. I don’t just want the interview. I want the interview on the condition that you are ready, Mr. Simpson.”

Simpson is in prison in Nevada for armed robbery.

ESPN's Paige Plagiarize Other Writer?

Sports Business Journal reporter John Ourand sent Denver Post and Around the Horn contributor Woody Paige a question on Twitter yesterday asking Paige if he’d lifted quotes from a months’ old Ourand story and used them in his Post column on Sunday without attribution.

In his April 4 article, Ourand wrote about ESPN creator Bill Rasmussen.

Many executives that came in contact with Rasmussen during ESPN’s infancy reference that can-do spirit. Paul Maxwell, a cable industry pioneer who founded several industry trade publications, said Rasmussen’s faith in ESPN provided a stark contrast to how others viewed the startup network at the time.

Maxwell recalls sitting in an Anaheim, Calif., bar with cable industry icon Bill Daniels, who helped convince Getty Oil to fund ESPN in the early years. It was right after Getty had invested in ESPN, probably 1980. Evey, the Getty Oil executive responsible for overseeing the network, approached the duo, with a look of worry on his face. He asked, “Are we ever going to make money?”

“It was the first thing he asked Bill,” Maxwell said. “Bill knew it would work. We both thought it was brilliant.”

In Paige’s column, he appears to lift quotes and a description of setting directly from Ourand’s story without attribution. In college, this practice went by several names: plagiarism; stealing; revolutionary time-saver. It depends who you ask.

In an Anaheim, Calif., bar (near a theme park), Daniels was told by a Getty Oil executive about the venture’s problematical plans. Daniels had persuaded the company to buy a majority share of ESPN.

Stuart Evey was concerned Getty Oil had made a mistake. “The first thing he asked Bill was: ‘Are we ever going to make money?’” Colorado cable pioneer Paul Maxwell said. “Bill knew it would work. We both thought it was brilliant.”

Ourand somehow caught wind of this and sent Paige a question on Twitter: “Hey @woodypaige. Did you really talk to Paul Maxwell? Or did you lift that quote from SBJ? Bad form to not list source.”

He followed up by posting a link to his original April 4 article.

Paige has not yet responded.

(H/T to SportsByBrooks)

Marv Albert Joins The NFL on CBS

CBS Sports has hired legendary sports play-by-play announcer Marv Albert for The NFL On CBS.

“Marv Albert is recognized throughout sports broadcasting as one of its true legends,” said Sean McManus, chairman, CBS Sports. “Very few in the broadcasting industry can claim his combined accomplishments and remarkable longevity. We are extremely excited to add Marv to our NFL ON CBS team.”

Albert, who turns 70 this week, will continue his roles at TNT as the lead play-by-play basketball announcer and at CBS Sports’ and Turner Sports’ as part of their coverage of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. However, Albert’s role with the YES Network calling the New Jersey Nets will come to an end. Read more

Denver Post Reporter Accused of Keying Truck

Natalie Meisler, who covers college sports for The Denver Post, has been accused of keying a man’s truck following an argument Sunday over a parking space in Denver. Meisler, 60, was issued a summons for criminal mischief after police investigated the man’s claims.

According to the 7News of Denver, Meisler and Robert Knight, 43, both had designs on the same parking spot. Knight reportedly had his turn signal on to indicate dibs, but Meisler pulled her green Honda Civic into the spot. When Knight beeped and pointed, indicating he had called it for himself, Meisler reportedly flailed her arms and uttered an obscene comment. Nevertheless, she allegedly relented and pulled out of the spot, allowing Knight to park his brand-new silver Toyota Tacoma pickup.

Then came the alleged mischief.

As Knight’s wife shopped in Whole Foods, Knight sat with his children in the back seat of the parked truck, the police report said.

“Knight heard a grinding sound, turned around and saw Meisler ducked down … on the outside of Knight’s vehicle at the right rear passenger door,” the police report said. “He said that he could see her hands moving back and forth near the vehicle.”

Knight later told police he didn’t think Meisler could see people were in the truck because it has tinted rear windows. Knight told police he got out of the truck and demanded, “What the (expletive) are you doing?”

Knight said Meisler replied, “You’ve just assaulted me. It’s your word against mine,” according to the police report. Knight said he never touched the woman. But he added that “his Tacoma was brand new and that he was very upset,” the report said.

Knight called 911 and police said an officer spotted Meisler running east near a Barnes and Noble store. An officer stopped Meisler and said he had to talk to her about a disturbance at the Whole Foods parking lot.

Meisler said a man had been abusive to her, calling her “a stupid (expletives),” and assaulted her by grabbing her upper left arm, the police report said. “Meisler said that she did not know why.”

The officer asked the woman if it was possible that she had a dispute about a parking spot before the situation escalated.

Meisler said that she remembered driving into a parking spot, and that there had been a big truck in the area at the time. Meisler did not say anything about a conflict, the police report said.

After the officer issued Meisler a summons, she asked for a police escort back to her car at Whole Foods, because “this guy was harassing, was stalking” her, the police report said. The officer told Meisler the other driver had already left and she was not given an escort.

Criminal mischief is a misdemeanor if the damage is less than $500. Meisler was contacted by 7News and reportedly refused to comment.

Jay Mariotti's Preliminary Hearing Set For June 28

A preliminary hearing is scheduled on June 28 for former ESPN personality Jay Mariotti.

Mariotti was charged last month with three felonies – - stalking, domestic violence and assault – - stemming from an incident with his ex-girlfriend.

The 51-year-old appeared in court Wednesday morning with attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, best known for representing actress Lindsay Lohan.

Mariotti pleaded no contest to one count of misdemeanor domestic violence last year and was placed on three years’ probation and required to perform 40 days of community service.






Carson Palmer on 'Media Hiatus'

Sports Illustrated writer Jim Trotter ran into disgruntled Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer at the Drew Brees‘ Cox Celebrity Golf Classic in San Diego last week, so naturally Trotter wanted to ask Palmer about his current relationship with the Bengals, who have steadfastly refused to honor Palmer’s request to be traded from the dysfunctional franchise. Palmer reportedly said nothing to Trotter beyond the assertion that he’s still on “media hiatus.”

Palmer can’t be traded during the current lockout, so his comments would serve little purpose. Still, it would have been nice to hear his opinions on Chad “Mr. One and Half Seconds” Ochocinco. That handle refers, of course, to how long he lasted during his professional bullriding debut. Get your minds out of the gutter, people.

(H/T to

Sinclair Broadcast Group Acquires Ring Of Honor Wrestling

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. announced Saturday it has acquired Ring of Honor Wrestling.

ROH is currently the third largest wrestling promotion in the country and recently celebrated its ninth anniversary. A formal press conference is planned for June 24 in Baltimore.

“We have been waiting for and working for this opportunity for quite some time”, ROH owner Cary Silkin said, “and of our 9 years in business, there has been no better roster of wrestlers than this one to expose the ROH product to the masses. With Sinclair’s resources and many avenues of distribution, we believe many new fans around the world will be as captivated as those who have followed Ring of Honor over the years.” Read more

Boston Globe Columnist Bob Ryan Retiring In 2012?

Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan has the finish line in sight.

“The quintessential American sportswriter” doesn’t want to be one of those sports journalists that walks away from the business well past their prime.

That’s why Ryan has targeted the 2012 London Olympics for his potential retirement after more than 40 years at the Boston Globe:

By now Ryan has seen it all, even if he hasn’t seen enough. An author of 11 books, he believes he’ll work at least through the 2012 London Olympics.

“I can see the finish line,” he said with another warm smile. “I’m like everyone else. I just wanted a job, number one, and I wanted to get good at it. But you don’t know where it’s gonna take you. You don’t know where you’re going. You have no idea.” Read more

Florio: 'True' Football Fans Want The Sport To Be More Popular Than Baseball

It’s always engaging when someone tells you what “true” sports fans should feel. Are you watching every inning of every Yankees game, including the West Coast games that end at 1:30 a.m.? No? Well then you’re not a “true” fan.

In this same vein of idiocy resides Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who was discussing the NFL lockout with FoxSports’ Jason Whitlock when he (at the 6 minute mark of this clip) says “true football fans have an attitude about the other sports, and true football fans want to see football embraced as America’s pastime, not baseball, not anything else, and that’s the way that I’ve always felt, that’s what drew me to this, that’s why I do this every day, because I’ve always felt that football is the greatest game out there, so I don’t want to see the sport diminished for my own selfish fan reasons and my financial reasons. ”

Florio then goes on to say that he has more problems with sportswriters who “try to dabble in various sports” than the folks who focus on one sport— specifically, football. Luckily Whitlock reminds him that football doesn’t need to be protected as some great symbol of America, and that it might be best for America if this mentally and physically debilitating sport took a backseat to other sports.

Here’s hoping for the NFL lockout, if only to see less of Mike Florio, who has an uncanny ability to miss the point on most things.

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