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Archives: June 2009

YouTube Increases Upload Cap to 2GB, Courts Newspapers

NYTimes on YouTube
Olivia Ma, YouTube News Manager, posted a call on the official Google News blog for news organizations to become content partners on the site. An excerpt…

We’re always looking for ways to enhance the way people consume the news, and we have some improvements planned over the next few months. To get things started, Google News and YouTube are teaming up to help news publishers build a bigger audience for their video content.

Today we are inviting any professional news outlet that is already included as one of the 25,000+ sources in Google News to become an official partner on YouTube and more easily share your news videos on both YouTube and Google News. More…

In the post, Ma mentions planned improvements but YouTube has already made a notable improvement to the site, doubling the size of a video that a user can upload–from 1 GB to 2.

YouTube Launches “Reporters’ Center” to School Citizen Journalists

YouTube's 'Reporters' Center'
From TechCrunch
Over the weekend, YouTube launched a new channel dubbed Reporters Center, which it hopes will prove to be a good way to educate existing and aspiring citizen journalists on how to report news in the digital age. The new resource will feature a host of top journalists and media experts sharing instructional videos with tips and advice for better reporting.

So far, there are 34 videos uploaded to the channel, featuring people like Facebook Marketing Director Randi Zuckerberg providing 8 tips on how to maximize distribution of your YouTube video on the social network her brother famously co-created, and folks like CBS News Katie Couric and legendary Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward explaining how to conduct a good interview and how to be an investigative reporter, respectively. More…

2009 Edward R. Murrow National Winners Announced

Murrow Award Yesterday the RTNDA announced the winners of the 2009 Murrow Awards. NBC News garnered the most awards, earning five, including the award for Overall Excellence. Here’s a rundown…

Breaking News
NBC News
Hurricane Gustav

Feature: Hard News
CBS News 60 Minutes

Investigative Reporting
CBS News 60 Minutes
The Wasteland

CBS News
November 12th Broadcast

Full overview of the awards…

Major Talent Layoffs at WTVJ-NBC 6, O&O Also Scraps Weekend Newscast

Kelly Craig, Today
broke the story yesterday about major changes at NBC 6 in Miami…
Major talent layoffs at WTVJ NBC6 today. Shocked tipsters are telling that longtime anchor and South Florida icon/news legend Kelly Craig was laid off from the station early Monday afternoon. You heard right. The anchor that has been there since April of 1990 was laid off. Joining in this major round of lay-offs are weekday morning reporter Joe Carter, and Andrea Brody, the only female sports anchor at WTVJ. Talent wasnt the only cost-cutting item to go. has confirmed that WTVJ has canceled the NBC6 weekend morning newscast. Full report

Broadcasting & Cable also has this on the developing story…
A WTVJ spokesperson would not confirm or deny the report but did suggest in a statement that there were changes afoot at the station. “These are difficult decisions,” the statement read. “However, this is about managing our business in the current economic climate.” NBC Local Media had tried to sell WTVJ to Post-Newsweek for $205 million, but the deal fell apart late last year. received this comment from Kelly Craig: “From the bottom of my heart, I thank South Florida for 19 years of support and viewership. I am truly blessed to have worked at a station where I was surrounded by dedicated professionals who I am honored to call my friends.”

Cablevision Network DVR Gets Supreme Court Blessing, Decision Could Have Serious Effect on Local Broadcasters

Cablevision Logo Reuters reports on yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling…
The media companies got one on the chin, sort of: The U.S. Supreme court has rejected an appeal by the Hollywood studios and TV networks to block Cablevisions use of remote network-DVR technology, which means the cable company and others may soon be launching it later this year. The media companies have argued that the use of network DVR, where the programs are stored on the cable companys serversin the cloud, as todays lingo would call itand streamed on demand when users request/record it, violates copyright laws.

Analysts have said previously that Cablevisions victory could have seismic implication on the TV industry: cable operators will now be able to deliver these services with much lower capex. And that the new technology could put DVR service in nearly half of all American homes, about twice the current number, thus resulting in a lot more commercial skipping, in turn affecting the networks bottom lines. Local broadcasters will be the hardest hit. More…

Supreme Court Chris Albrecht of NewTeeVee analyzes the potential ramifications of the decision…
Other cable companies, like Time Warner Cable and Comcast, have been on the sidelines waiting for the outcome of Cablevisions case before implementing their own remote DVR solution. Remote DVRs are cheaper for cable companies because they dont have to deal with distribution and installation of boxes in the home. Last year, Cablevision said its remote storage DVR would offer 160 GB of storage, would cost customers $9.95 a month and save the company $100 per customer.

The whole concept of video on demand is in the midst of a radical shift. Between remote DVRs, which should begin rolling out this year, and the TV Everywhere campaign, which will expand the availability of cable programming online there will be more options than ever for viewers to consume contentand more control than ever handed over to the cable companies. Full article…

MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer

News of Michael Jackson’s Death Cripples Web

Will ‘Net be able to maintain structure in true emergency?


More at…

National Edward R. Murrow Award Winners to Be Announced Today

Murrow Award The RTNDA will announce the national Edward R. Murrow Award Winners through their Twitter presence at 11am EST.

A RTNDA tweet from Friday stated, “National Edward R. Murrow award winners will be announced right here on Monday at 11 a.m. Eastern.”

Journalism Rules Are Bent in News Coverage From Iran

Neda Twitpic Today the New York Times examines the continued reliance on unverified sources by major news outlets…
Check the source may be the first rule of journalism. But in the coverage of the protests in Iran this month, some news organizations have adopted a different stance: publish first, ask questions later. If you still dont know the answer, ask your readers.

CNN showed scores of videos submitted by Iranians, most of them presumably from protesters who took to the streets to oppose Mahmoud Ahmadinejads re-election on June 12. The Web sites of The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Guardian newspaper in London and others published minute-by-minute blogs with a mix of unverified videos, anonymous Twitter messages and traditional accounts from Tehran. More…

Reinventing Classifieds: News Site MinnPost Launches Real-Time Advertising

MinnPost Logo
The Neiman Journalism Lab reports
MinnPost, the non-profit news startup in Minneapolis, has rolled out a new form of advertising that looks a little bit like print classifieds, a lot like Twitter, and nothing like traditional marketing on the Internet. Theyre calling the service Real-Time Ads, and its live in the left column of the front page right now.

The service aggregates tweets, blog posts, and other feeds from local business with timely messages to convey an ice cream shop announcing the flavor of the day, for instance, or a clothing store offering a one-day coupon.

Real-Time Ads could appeal to marketers that already have Twitter accounts and blogs where theyre reaching out to customers, and MinnPost is hoping that the feature will become a destination site the way the classifieds section used to be treasured by newspaper readers.
Full article plus video interview with MinnPost CEO…

TV Everywhere to Spark Anti-Trust Concerns?

Jeff Bewkes and Paulie Walnuts Paul Sweeting of Gigaom wonders about the potential abuse of the Time Warner-Comcast plan for paid internet TV…
What happens when we get to Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes nirvana where any multichannel video subscriber whether to cable, satellite or telco TV can access any of the content they subscribe to from anywhere on the web, whether directly through an ISP, through a web portal like Hulu or on mobile platforms? Apart from the sheer complexity of such a system, making it work will require a degree of information-sharing among nominal competitors that practically begs for antitrust scrutiny.

Such a system would just be ripe for abuse, even if intentions were pure going in. And it would only get worse as the number of ways to access the content increased. Of course, you could always break up the vertical monopolies among programmers, distributors and service providers and the problem would be solved, but somehow I dont think thats what Bewkes and Cotton are talking about. Full Article…