The news is probably no surprise to anyone who works in local TV, but has included reporters and anchors on its list of “13 Surprisingly Low-Paying Jobs.”

According to the list, reporters in newspaper, radio, TV or other mediums, took in an average of $43,640 per year.  For the bottom 10 percent the number is closer to $20,000. While reporters in Washington, D.C. and Massachusetts averaged $71,450 and $64,080 respectively, those in Montana, Iowa and Idaho earned less than $29,500.

The survey also had a category they called “Radio and TV announcers” who earned an average of $40,510 a year. For those living and working in Wyoming, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alabama and Kentucky, the average pay was less than $27,740. Those in the bottom 10 percent earned an average of $17,150.

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