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KSTP Owner Blames Social Media For #Pointergate Backlash

kstp_304Stanley Hubbard, chairman and CEO of Hubbard Broadcasting, parent company of the station at the center of the #pointergate controversy, went on the defensive against detractors of the KSTP story that claimed the mayor and a get-out-the-vote volunteer were throwing gang signs in a picture.

Hubbard responded to the Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists after it called on the Minneapolis ABC affiliate to “disavow” the story, which came to be known as #pointergate.

In his letter, Hubbard stands by his station’s report and blames social media for fomenting controversy, at one point saying the internet lacks credibility.

We know that social media is able to control Internet conversation on any given topic. As I am sure you know, much of what appears on the Internet lacks credibility. We have read all too many Internet messages about our coverage from people (and, in many cases, “bots”) who obviously had not seen our coverage, or who came to the Internet with a predetermined point of view. Sadly, a number of respected news organizations have engaged in what any unbiased professional journalist would recognize as inadequate independent reporting about our story. The fact that our report was the “top trending” story in the Twittersphere for a day or two does not lend veracity to the tweets, biogs and posts it engendered.

Read the full letter after the jump. Read more

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Jon Stewart Pokes Fun at Minneapolis Station for Pointergate

Last night, Minneapolis ABC affiliate KSTP found itself the target of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

Stewart lampooned the station’s story about Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges flashing gang signs with a convicted criminal, who just happened to be volunteering to get out the vote in a local neighborhood.

Stewart played a clip from Melissa Harris-Perry‘s MSNBC show pointing out that the gang-sign story probably started when Hodges wrote an open letter about Minneapolis police, saying “…some officers abuse the trust that is afforded to them, and take advantage of their roles to do harm rather than prevent it.” Jay Kolls, the story’s reporter, said it was the police who tipped him off about the gang signs that aren’t gang signs.

According to Stewart, #pointergate, as the story is known on twitter, is less about the mayor siding with a known gangster who isn’t in a gang and more about Minneapolis police throwing a sign of their own to the Mayor, the extended middle finger.

Social Media Continues Attack on KSTP Over ‘Pointergate’

kstp gang report_304The KSTP facebook page still hasn’t recovered after the Minneapolis ABC affiliate aired two stories about Mayor Betsy Hodges flashing gang signs in a photo with a get-out-the-vote volunteer.

Viewers have taken to commenting on unrelated facebook posts put up by the station, including weather warnings.  This morning, a post about the recent snowfall was met with pictures of people, including the Dalai Lama and the Pope, pointing. The Pope’s picture featured the comment, “Yet another thug flashing gang signs.”

Meanwhile, the Twitter hashtag #pointergate continues to thump along at a steady pace. Sex and love advice columnist Dan Savage has joined the attack, offering cash money to anyone who takes a picture wearing an “I’m with Stupid” T-Shirt while standing next to the KSTP reporter who started it all, Jay Kolls:

We asked the station how they plan to address the issue, but haven’t heard back. We’ll update when we do.

Community Takes to Twitter to Mock KSTP Report Accusing Mayor of Flashing Gang Signs

Last night, KSTP reporter Jay Kolls did a story accusing the Minneapolis mayor of throwing gang signs while taking a picture with a convicted felon.

According to Kolls’ report, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and the man the Daily Kos has identified as Navell Gordon, are doing much more than pointing at each other. The KSTP reporter claims the two are actually flashing gang signs.

Kolls’ story has set off the bullshit meters of some Minneapolis residents and has triggered accusations of racism. Some are tweeting out gang signs of their own under the hashtag #pointergate in an attempt to mock Kolls’ report.

Read more

Another Minnesota Reporter Sues Over Driver’s License Privacy Breach

JayKolls300KSTP reporter Jay Kolls has added his name to the growing list of Minneapolis on-air talent who are suing various Minnesota municipalities and the State Department of Safety over accusations law enforcement officers and others looked at the information on his driver’s license without justification.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, Koll’s lawsuit, which was filed in Minneapolis Federal Court, listed 27 instances when “personnel, charged with protecting and serving the public, knowingly abused their position of trust simply to satisfy their shallow desires to peek behind the curtain” into his personal life.

Last week, KMSP morning news anchor Alix Kendall filed a similar lawsuit. Her attorney Jon Strauss told the Mankato Free Press, “[Kendall] was shocked and disgusted to learn she had been looked up more than 3,800 times.” Strauss added, “We believe this is the largest data breach in Minnesota history. Ironically, these people have been snooping into her life, but we can’t find out who they were until we start gathering discovery information.”

The suits revolve around access to the state driver’s license database knows as the Driver and Vehicle Services Database or DVS system.The Free Press sums it up nicely:

Information that can be obtained through the DVS system includes current and former addresses, current and former driver’s license photographs, weight, height and, possibly, Social Security and medical information, Strauss said. The filing also points out that Kendall’s information was searched by name, not by her license plate numbers. So the searches didn’t include police officers doing random traffic searches for stolen vehicles or people with arrest warrants.

In August KMSP anchor Dawn Mitchell sued around 50 Minnesota governments in federal court over similar concerns.  KSTP investigative reporter Beth McDonough filed her lawsuit in July. Read more