A Nashville judge is suing WTVF’s Phil Williams, alleging that the veteran investigative reporter conjured up a negative story about him after the judge failed to dismiss a parking ticket that Williams had received.

Judge Daniel B. Eisenstein is accusing WTVF of running “false and libelous” stories about him last year, including one that intimated that he was the target of an ethics investigation.

According to the lawsuit, Williams received two parking tickets one day in May 2010 while parked outside of police headquarters. Williams had parked in a media parking space and, when police later realized that he was there working on a story, a police captain wrote a letter to the Traffic Violation Bureau asking that one of the tickets be dismissed.

Eisenstein decided not to dismiss the ticket and Williams ended up paying both of them. Less than a month after Eisenstein’s decision, Williams produced an investigative report that floated the question of whether the judge was under an ethics investigation. Read more