Content sharing agreements between TV stations and newspapers usually ask each partner to contribute what they’re known for, TV stations shoot video and newspapers write more investigative stories.  But the content sharing agreement between WBZ and The Boston Globe stands that model on its head.  The Boston Globe will also produce video for the CBS owned station.

The collaboration between the Globe and WBZ-TV will incorporate the Globe’s Emmy Award-winning videos with WBZ-TV’s legacy of award-winning reporting and photo journalism, additional interviews and analysis by Globe reporters on the scene and in the newsroom, and early access to Globe polls. WBZ-TV will also preview breaking news and other exclusive stories that will appear in the next day’s Globe, including projects by the Globe’s Spotlight investigative team.

Mark Lund, WBZ president and general manager said in a statement, “This collaboration will further allow The Boston Globe and WBZ-TV News to deliver the most comprehensive news and information across platforms to better serve consumers when, where, and how they want content.” Read more