NYC.jpgOur beloved Big Apple is about to get very small. Opening tonight at Flux Factory (“a not for profit arts organization supporting innovation in things”) in Long Island City is New York, New York, New York, an interactive, multimedia installation in which 100 artists reimagine New York City’s public and private spaces. Dreamt up by Jean Barberis and curated by Barberis, Melanie Cohn, and Chen Tamir, the exhibition is inspired by the Panorama, Robert Moses‘ scale model of New York City in the Queens Museum of Art.

For NYNYNY, each artist will contribute one element of the urban environment–a building, a landmark, a street, a bridge–and the individual works will be combined to produce a “cohesive yet chaotic” model of the city that will be on view through January 12. Flux Factory calls the project “a great experiment in psychogeography,” the prospect of which would surely have given ‘ol Bob Moses terrible nightmares. Meanwhile, we’re going to go get busy flower-painting and stenciling our Matchbox car collection to ensure the mini-city is flush with controversial taxicabs!