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Friday Night Lights: Blogfest Rules


Core77 has the party report, including Design Blogfest at the Apartment (complete with cotton candy spun on-site), the opening of HauteGREEN, and a very last-minute Core77 afterparty at Botanica. More photos at MoCoLoco, including Design Blogfest Window Competition winner Judy Hoysak, and at NOTCOT, who says that 2500 people RSVPed for a place that holds 200. From what we hear, plenty of people were content just to stand in line for a few hours. The party continued at Gawker HQ late night. Congrats Design Blogfest blogs for outbashing yourself!

Artecnica Designs With Conscience


Our good friends at LA-based Artecnica sent us some sneak peeks of their new Design With Conscience pieces, which you can see on the floor should you be Javits-izing. Founded in 2002, DWC is a program that manufactures and produces products in accordance with humanitarian and environmentally-friendly principles. Famous designers team with artisans and communities around the world to spread the wealth…and the love.

This year, we’ve got Fernando and Humberto Campana‘s TransNeomatic prototype, using a discarded scooter tire (above), Hella Jongerius‘s Beads & Pieces ceramic collection, and Stephen Burks‘s TaTu coffee table and stool, created with artists in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We also like Tord Boontje‘s Ivy metal etched screen, which is not part of the collection, but you still can enjoy it with a clear conscience.

What Are You Looking Forward to During Design Week?


We asked, and NY’s top design writers, bloggers and tastemakers responded appropriately. And sometimes, not so appropriately.

Aaron Able
New York Editor,
I am most looking forward to … meeting the other ApartmentTherapy city editors!

Andrew Wagner
Editor-in-chief, American Craft
Now that I live in New York I’m looking forward to not feeling like I have to go see absolutely everything in the three days that I’m here (like I always felt coming in from California). Other than that, the Material Connexion conference/symposium has been very cool and quite different than anything else going on during this week. We love Material Connexion!

Julie Lasky
Editor-in-chief, I.D.
I am most looking forward to seeing what Karim Rashid is wearing on his feet.

What Are You Looking Forward to During Design Week?


We asked, and NY’s top design writers, bloggers and tastemakers responded appropriately. And sometimes, not so appropriately.

Kimberly Oliver
I’m excited to see the response HauteGREEN and the satellite at DWR elicit from the design community and the general public. Socially, the Meatpacking district on Sunday night will be a roving mass of design industry revelry…definitely not to be missed. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to getting a lot of sleep after NY Design Week is through!

Sam Grawe
Editor-in-chief, Dwell
At Milan this year I kept asking myself, “where are the Americans?” I’m looking forward to finding out what the Americans have to offer (and not simply import).

Jill Fehrenbacher
Founder, inhabitat
The thing I am most looking forward to at Design Week is seeing the new sustainable design work at the HauteGREEN show, and especially the three excellent panels at HauteGREEN happening over this Saturday and Sunday featuring Tom Dixon, Tejo Remy and Natalie Jeremijenko, among other stellar design talents. I am especially looking forward to meeting Dutch Droog designer Tejo Remy, who has been one of my design idols for years, and who is coming out from the Netherlands just for this event. I can’t wait.

What Are You Looking Forward to During Design Week?


We asked, and NY’s top design writers, bloggers and tastemakers responded appropriately. And sometimes, not so appropriately.

Julie Iovine
Executive Editor, The Architect’s Newspaper
I love the way design week has morphed from a trade show to a city-wide moveable feast, with different neighborhoods customizing events to their own tastes from the arty showings in Chelsea to the green design pastures of Brooklyn. There’s also a May madness air that prevents it from turning entirely into a new-merch-for-pros bore: I may actually track down the guy demonstrating the new way to boil pasta or the blog-folk at The Apartment.

Andrew Blum
Contributing Editor, Wired & Metropolis
Nothing this year–I’m leaving town to report a story about urban planning.

Allan Chochinov
Editor, Core77 (and that map!)
Bang out the Javits in a few hours, then walk outside to see if there are any cabs. Futile. Then it’s a walk eastward, past the garage where they (re)paint New York City taxicabs yellow and peer inside. (Some of the guys even wear respirators.) It’s a longer walk to the subway than you think, but quickly you run into the 9th Avenue Street Fair–always seems to coincide with the ICFF–and then it’s a rapid-fire of Nutella/banana crepes, plastic glasses filled with chopped up watermelon, and cheap leather belts. (Oh! The scissors booths are pretty sweet, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get some vegetable chopper demo. Alas, those are pretty rare these days.) By the time you make it to the subway, your shirt is drenched, but you somehow get it together to head off to some gallery downtown to drink bad white wine and compare notes with others on what to do that night.

Seriously? Tobi Wong‘s new shop. An easy answer, sure, but I was heartbroken when his JFK caper went up in flames, and have been a fan since he was standing on the corner of Prince and Mercer hawking capsules filled with goldleaf to make your poop turn shiny. But hey, every kid’s doing that now.

What Are You Looking Forward to During Design Week?


We asked, and NY’s top design writers, bloggers and tastemakers responded appropriately. And sometimes, not so appropriately.

Harry Wakefield
Editor, MoCoLoco
The Brits and designboom mart at ICFF, usually the funkiest and most innovative design at the show… and the Design Blogfest party.

Grace Bonney
Editor, design*sponge
Design week for me is a chance to meet the people behind the work I love so much. I’m not into the parties, the talks or the big schmoozy events–for me it’s all about one-on-one time with the latest up and coming designers.

Greg Allen
Editor, DaddyTypes
Since we’re going to be out of town this weekend and thus, unable to attend any of the shows, I’m looking forward to all my regular design blog sources to shoot the hell out of any baby- and kid-related stuff they see. The funny thing about kids’ design is, you almost never even notice it if you don’t have a kid, but the second you do–bam–it’s all you see.

So instead of trawling the aisles, I’ll be surfing through everyone’s flickr pools and snapshot galleries, looking for that one picture of that one crib… If I can put out a request to the designblogworld, then, it’s “Please. Think of the children.”

ICFF Beyond Javits Center Walls


You can’t spend the whole ICFF inside Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, you know. Well, you can, but eventually the Tord Boontje ripoffs will start to trigger laser-cut psychedelic flashbacks, causing you tear off your clothes as you hump the nearest Prettyves Behar seating prototype and rendering you blind in one eye.

Last year, this article in the Architect’s Newspaper highlighted offsite events, which mostly hold true this year, except for the fact that BKLYN DESIGNS was last weekend and there’s no Altoids Living Spaces in Williamsburg this year (maybe because judge Karim Rashid has his own gig).

The Meatpacking District’s listings have grown, and major buzz swirls around HauteGREEN, whatever Murray Moss touches and Tobias Wong‘s store. Find it all with the all-new Core77 Design Week Guide Google Map–parties marked with martinis, of course.

But please be careful. You can only look at so many gorgeously-rendered wood tables or “get it?” design puns before you’ll start to succumb to design fatigue. Unlock your knees, grab the specialty cocktail of the nearest alcohol sponsor, and do not, do not, look directly into the lacey floral curtains. You were warned.

Design Blogfest Tonight


Join all our good friends tonight at The Apartment. And don’t forget to pour a little of your 10 Cane Rum out for the UnBeige bloggers who ain’t there. Waaaaah.

More Ways to Plan Your NY Design Week


Design Week drinking officially starts tonight for no other reason than we say so, because as we always say, there’s nothing like experiencing the buzz while buzzed. Our bloggy bretheren who will be in the trenches have been hard at work choosing their Design Blogfest Window picks, the piece of design gracing the window of The Apartment this weekend (voting is closed but we want the Pet Plus Series above to win). Incidentally, this will also be the location universally recognized as the design blog center of the universe, especially during Design Blogfest-o-rama on Friday night. RSVP please.

Artkrush gets in on the action with a preview of what’s hot at ICFF, interview with up-and-comers FredriksonStallard and the even more unknown Tord Boontje.

And we already told you about Core77′s master calendar, but check out New York Magazine’s impressive effort as well, with some snippets of original progamming including this one that looks interesting:

New York Talks: Architecture Around the High Line
Friday, May 18; 4:00pm
Julie Iovine, new Executive Editor of the Architect’s Newspaper will lead a panel about what’s sprouting up around our favorite abandoned elevated railroad tracks.

View NY Mag’s calendar for more Design Week fun, and remember…pace yourself.

New York Design Week With the Experts


Just about as close to anyone can come to “owning” Design Week in NY, Core77 has our vote for best prep work and will likely rule the post-bash coverage as well. Their New York Design Week Preview is up, with shows and exhibitions organized by neighborhood and partytimes broken out by date, ensuring your New York Design Week to be as jam packed as you desire.

Our pick, in case you were wondering: Tobias Wong‘s The Wrong Store.