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Archives: January 2005

Reader Gossip Ahoy!

axlogo.jpgI got my very first anonymous tip last night. Thank you, whoever you are. This note arrived to jen AT unbeige DOT com in response to my tale of what I like to call aesthetic cosumerism – namely, walking the aisles of Dean & DeLuca and purchasing items solely because their packaging appeals to me.

hehe speaking of dean & deluca – the AX store concept (the first one is directly across the street from D&D) was a result of Mr. Armani’s love of dean & deluca – thus the wierd bottles of colored water. (the t-shirts were supposed to be displayed like fruit.) i always thought it was very funny.

Ettore Sottsass: “Architecture for People”

Valentine_lrg_t.jpgIt’s not exactly new, but this blog is and it’s new to me, so I deem it postworthy. Metropolis Magazine has a great interview with Ettore Sottsass. From the interview:

Italian design was started by architects. We were looking outside, so it was totally theoretical. It’s like talking about women when you’re, I don’t know, 19 years old. But in some ways that was a strength, because the architecture profession deals with society. And design until then dealt with industry, not with society. So architects, intellectual architects, placed great hope in design as a way to remake society.

Office Supply Valentine

homefeatmartha15.jpgOK, this is slightly off-topic, but I love Ready Made and I’m also mulling over a post about how the whole craft trend is influencing design. So, it fits, damnit. It’s also, um seasonal. Normally I am strongly against Valentine’s Day hysteria, but this is a cool project you can do with stuff you have sitting in your desk drawer. Doing hands-on stuff is also a great way to get your creative juices flowing. So go ahead, make me a Valentine.

Color Match

It’s Laura Holder day here at UnBeige. Ms. Holder just sent me this link to ColorMatch 5K. From the site:

This utility will help you select a matching 6-color palette for your website.
Define a single color that you like. Matching colors will be calculated.
Click a color in the palette to promote it to the primary color.

Eyes, Ears, Underground

So, yesterday evening I was having an IM conversation with my friend Laura Holder. It went a little something like this:

unbeige: quick blog related question for you,. had you seen the bahamas logo already?
laura: of course!
laura: how can one not? its everywhere on the subway.
unbeige: hah
unbeige: I never take the subway
unbeige: so I had not seen it.
laura: i’d even mentally planned on ‘blogging’ on it
laura: ;-)
laura: now i can just link to yours.

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Links of Interest

[Editor's note: please send pointers to interesting articles online to jen AT unbeige DOT com]

Design Observer on the Vice Magazine Design issue.

Blogmeister Lockhart Steele on design bloggers. (NYT, free registration required.)

Frank Bruni (weakly) defends the advent of NYC’s finest restaurants being in a mall. (NYT, free registration required.)

There’s a bunch of fine fresh content over on Voice AIGA, but the article that particularly caught my eye was Design As Religion.

The Scourge Of Arial

Nice Package

whitelogo.gifI have been known to buy food items simply because I liked the packaging. I know I’m not alone in this, but sometimes I wonder if I take it to an extreme. I love to go to places like, say, Dean & DeLuca not so much to slaver over their refrigerator cases stocked with delicious cheeses, but rather to mill through the racks and racks of dry goods that come in interesting tins or boxes or wrappers. I could spend a bunch of money there and come home with a bag full of stuff I’d never actually eat.

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Design for All

target_designforall1.jpgI have always adored Target‘s television ads. The monochromatic ones are just so damn good. (This is high praise coming from a TiVo-loving commercial hater.) And I love them begrudgingly – I consider myself to be a pretty savvy consumer of infomation, and I boggle at their ability to get me every time. It scares me a little.

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Breaking News: Philip Johnson Dies @ 98

thumb.ny15301261818.obit_johnson_ny153.jpgLegendary architect Philip Johnson has died at the ripe old age of 98. The New York Times has a way more in-depth obituary. Comparing the photo I posted here with the black & white on their site, it occurs to me that he has looked almost exactly the same for going on 30 years now.
(via Curbed)

Crimes Against Urbanity (First in a Series)


My Sunday walk provided lots of fodder for UnBeige. (I am almost certain that it qualifies the hot chocolate I got at Balthazar Bakery as a write-off.)

On our way to Soho, my friend Ryan insisted that I take a photograph of the monstrosity shown here. It is but one of many construction projects that are currently underway along the Bowery in lower Manhattan. They’re not all so bad as this one, but the sum total of them will most certainly transform the area entirely, in one way or another Well, in one way AND lots of others.

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