This writer has a whole series of blogs he has to look at, in specific order, every morning. And for a couple of years there, up until just recently, one of those blogs was the popular site Brownstoner. It’s a great, interesting site, but why and how it came to be a must-read still doesn’t really make any sense to him. He doesn’t live in Brooklyn, he doesn’t own a browstone, nor is he in the middle of renovating one. But whatever the case was, it was a constant stop on the information parkway. Anyway, if you’re at all like this writer or you have genuine, legitimate interest in such things, The NY Times is running a week-long feature, having author Diana Lind answering questions about brownstones, Brooklyn architecture, and probably stuff about the Atlantic Yards debate, all via comments sent in to the initial story. Should be pretty interesting (though we have yet to see anything answered just yet and it’s already Wednesday morning).