Just over a year ago, Paste, the magazine that covered music, films, and culture (which sometimes included design, but was a well-designed magazine in and of itself), launched a campaign to raise desperately needed funds to keep itself afloat. Donations came in from readers, which staved off its death, at least until now. We just received a tip that Paper‘s associate editor, Rachael Maddux, had Tweeted last night that she was “suddenly in the market for a job.” That, on top of relative quiet from both its usually chatty publisher and editor in chief seemed to say that something was definitely up. Gawker has now drummed up a couple more posts by (former) employees, as well as a tip that the entire staff was brought in and told about the closure yesterday afternoon. While an official release has yet to be published, based on all that information, it seems safe to assume that Paste is no more.